Page displayed without formatting

I state that this nodeJS project on Hetzner Cloud was recovered with Generic Machine
The tests for connections (local and remote) are ok
The site entry index file opens regularly both locally and remotely
However I have a strange problem:
The page in Wappler has some simple formatting settings (text color, centered text, …) and is correctly displayed in the Wappler editor

But both on local and remote it displays without formatting

The source code of the remote page reads as follows:

Furthermore, by analyzing the page with Google Chrome, there are no errors

Do you have the bootstrap css and js referenced in the layout page and saved?

But if the Wappler editor displays the css and js settings correctly, it means that the files are all present and working.
The problem is that both locally and remotely it does not display the formatting settings

On the layout page linked to your index, try changing Bootstrap to the CDN version and then change back to local.

I have tried several times but the problem does not change

Marzio, if the styles are missing this means either the bootstrap files are missing from the server or they are in a wrong location, or the paths to them are wrong.
Most of these issues can be found in the browser dev tools, as usual.

On your page, when you click App in the App Structure Panel (right) is the page linked to a layout page?

No no page layout

That’s probably your problem. All content pages need a master layout page.

But the Wappler editor displays correctly, so I think everything is in the right place

But since it’s a simple page containing only text, which layout page should I link to?
Now I try

When you first make a project you usually have ‘none’ and ‘main’ added by Wappler - choose main. Otherwise create a layout in Files>Pages and leave it with just the content section if you don’t need anything else on it

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Here is what was the problem. I thought it was possible to use the “none” option for a page
Thank you

No problem! Glad it’s sorted.

@george, I’m still not sure why the ‘none’ layout page is still an option when projects are created - you can’t have a NodeJS page without a layout, can you? And main only adds the basic frameworks (unless edited)

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This has been fixed in Wappler 4.7.2

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