Query error after upgrading to 4.7.1

I just upgraded to 4.7.1 on a Mac using Node for the backend and MS SQL for the database. I added a column to a Server Action, and now I’m getting an error in the response. It was working before the update. I noticed it renamed my table in the query builder.

Here’s my query builder:

Noticed how it renamed the table name, like it duplicated it (and maybe that is supposed to happen with the new nested feature…)

But now I get an error on the query results:
And all pages that use that server action have errors. I removed the column I just added and I get the same error.

Probably the same as reported here: Normal queries, become aliased

Yes, looks like the same but when I edit the alias out, i get a multi-part indentifier cannot be bound error like in the other post. Maybe I’m not editing the alias out correctly.
So our only choice is to wait until Thursday for the update?

Is this happening on the Stable channel or the Beta channel? I have work to do and am a little scared to open any queries now.

Stable channel. Scary. I have a lot of updates for my client by tomorrow.

(Is this what I’m supposed to set it to?)

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Is there any way around this issue? Manually updating these server actions as a work around is not very practical, and it has to be done every time the file is saved. As it stands, I’m not able to make my updates on time for my client.

I am still seeing the same error after the update. I re-opened my server action file, saved it and still the alias name is there.

I can confirm the aliasing is still happening. I know it’s happening and how to fix it so it’s not preventing me from working but is more of an annoyance having to remove it every time. :wink:

Especially after this update was supposed to correct this.

Well if you already have aliases generated with the last update, you will have to remove them first by just opening the query builder dialog and clearing up any aliases.

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Hmmm, 15 minutes ago I could recreate it on every server action. Now somehow it seems to be magically fixed. I need more coffee I think.

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I selected the table in the query builder and deleted the alias and it appears to be working now. I thought the update would revert it back to the way it is supposed to be, but it’s good now after the modification.

This has been fixed in Wappler 4.7.2

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