Browser Preview Problems

Hi. New to Wappler, following Ben Pleysier’s excellent tutorials using Node and sqlite. Everything previews as it should in preview mode within Wappler, but when I preview in browser, my dynamic modal doesn’t appear on click event, and also data doesn’t appear in responsive table, also on click event.

Here’s browser console.

It looks like some stuff is missing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Have you saved your main layout page, after adding the components on the content page?

Hi. Yes I had saved all the pages. I actually had made a new layout page for this content page as it is part of an admin system. Switching the layout back to the original main layout seems to get the modal working, but the displaying data on click is still not.

In the browser console I now get:

Unknown component found! data-detail BaseComponent.js:303


This seems to me like you did not save the layout page, when you added the components, so their js includes are missing, and that is what the error message says. You just need to make to always save the layout page when making such changes on the content pages and previewing them.

Thanks, that’s good to know for future. I’ll go through it again and see what happens

This has been fixed in Wappler 4.7.2