Wappler 3.7.1 Released

Wappler 3.7.1 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

In this updated we have focused all our efforts in improving Wappler stability and user experience. We have fixed many of the reported issues by you.
Furthermore we have fine tuned greatly our Bootstrap 5 integration.

We are also working on a brand new Wappler documentation, listing all used components and having an extended reference!
Now every components and its properties are well documented and can be found in the new reference.

You can check the new docs at https://docsdev.wappler.io/

Note the docs are still work in progress, so check them out and give us as much feedback as possible.

Bootstrap 5

  • Improved automatic show in Design View or App Structure selection of Bootstrap 5 Modals, Collapse, Tab panes and dropdowns
  • Improved Bootstrap 5 Theme UI preview
  • Always include the bundle js file for local usage as well
  • Improved framework include
  • Added XXLarge container size
  • Shortcut Cmd/Ctrl+6 is now for the Wide Screen device and Cmd/Ctrl+~ for Full Screen
  • Added Wide Screen media query settings in Wappler global options.
  • Implemented vertical align options for table, table head and body and rows and cells
  • Add Table Border Colors options when bordered option is selected
  • Implemented the new Bootstrap 5 responsive gutters setting under Spacing. Now you can choose any horizontal and/or vertical gutther size you want for your grid and it will be applied in according the choosing responsive device breakpoint size.
  • Removed deprecated form-row, form-control-file and form-control-range, card-deck and card-columns and convert them to the new structures
  • Removed the close button X span as it is no longer needed

Bootstrap 4 & 5

  • Added Back color for Table, next to Table Head, Body. Rows and Cells
  • Improved automatic tab switching in design view when content is selected. Now switching active tab pane, with or without tabs bar.

Bootstrap 4 Form Generator

  • Fixed closing div generation for checkboxes when form row is used

Database Manager

  • Improved database manager and connections to work without Server Connect and also on mobile projects.
    Note: Using database manager on mobile project will just give you access to your database so you can make changes and manipulate the database structure. For creating a data api and using it on your mobile project, you need to create a separate web api project in Wappler with Server Connect,

Git Manager

  • Improved various git url support

App Connect

App Connect Summernote

  • Added mediadelete event to summernote component
  • Added also the deleted image src as event data

Server OAuth2 Connector for PHP

  • Added PHP_QUERY_RFC3986 for url parameters
  • Strip any BOM from responses
  • Extra json error check

App Connect Validator

  • Improved database validator to work with global connections


  • Fixed SQLite version to 5.0.0 to prevent bad deploys


  • Improved code signing of the installer on Windows
  • Repacked Wappler 3.7.0 for windows with proper signing now

Bug Fixes