Got my feet wet with Node and sqlite and inserts

Created a node project, added custom hosting and let Wappler create defaults. Add a sqlite db and used a client to just add a record after adding a table and some fields using Wappler.

Created server action that just queries the table and get this error:

Also this in Terminal:

sqlite does not support inserting default values. Set the useNullAsDefault flag to hide this warning. (see docs

Just queried, did not insert

Still part of the beta or am I doing something wrong?

Seem as something we should handle indeed @patrick

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Bumped into this aswell.

I also note that it does not support the “alter column”. Which breaks running migrations.

I’ve added the useNullAsDefault option to the knex configuration, here the updated file, unzip it in lib/core. (3.7 KB)

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Please give some feedback about the update, does it fix your problem? I will set this topic to fixed-in-next-update and assume it is fixed when no feedback comes.

Fixed in Wappler 3.7.1