Server action changes not saved

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 10.0.19042
  • Wappler Version : 3.6.1
  • NodeJs
    *Experimental feature on and off

Problem description

Altering Server Action visually doesn’t update the code in the scripts (not every time).

Steps to reproduce

  1. Edit existing Server API Action, Server Action, Security etc. visually in the Server Panel (e.g. Edit User Permission, Refresh Database, Duplicate and edit existing actions)
  2. Didn’t get result as expected, wonder what’s wrong.
  3. Open action in Editor.
  4. See some old settings remain.
  5. Edit the code manually then voilà.

~ Sorry I don’t have error log or screenshot at the moment. Will post here when I can make it up.

We need the bug report after this happens, otherwise we can’t really help. (4.0 KB)

Are you seeing this only on server or client too?

We have experienced the same on client side, but its extremely random. Will try to run some sessions with debugging on to see if I can capture it. This has been a long time issue - first edit from picker UI does not update the text, but a re-try works. But the randomness prevented us from reporting it.
Since you have a debug log to go with it, I hope the issue gets resolved. :crossed_fingers:

Both. But this report on server side.

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There’s another topic where changes to SC settings aren’t saved:

could it be the same?


This happened to me as well, extremely random, I am not able to reproduce it unfortunately.

In the shared topic, the file is actually saved, so the changes made are reflecting in the file. The issue is with the UI not showing the correct data.
The issue raised here, from what I understand & what happens with me, is that the changes are not even getting saved/reflected in the code. Trying again once or twice fixes it. No need for Wappler restart or project switch, as in your case.

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They are saved but don’t reflect , even in the file, until the project is switched or Wappler is restarted. I accept it might be different, but was too similar not to mention.

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I can confirm there are two ralated issues, and I experienced both. I think they might be related somehow. In the log I posted, I believe the changes will reflect after Wappler reboot. That’s an easy step to reproduce for me but other issue where the change isn’t reflecting in the code at all is harder to reproduce and usually happens randomly and with more complex actions. I’ve spent a day figuring out what’s wrong with my setting and had even modified my database table until finally I checked the action file and found out the issue. Really hope this to be fixed soon.

I have a client side use case where this can be reproduced systematically, but I’m not sure it’s actually the same issue (I experience the above regularly as well):

1.) Create a php file in a project
2.) Add a chart - any type will do
3.) Add two sets.
4). Edit the first set and delete the second set.
5.) Save
6.) Check the code: the second set has not been deleted and the edit may or may have not been saved.

Guys please report different issues in different topics.
I see 3 different issues reported in a topic which has nothing to do with the other posts … this is really not helping us.

@transcoderm When you save your file but the code doesn’t update :

  • Check if there is a similar named file under your temporary target folder

For a server connect lib, that would be under .wappler\targets\YOUR_TARGET_NAME\files\dmxConnect\modules\lib\PATH_TO_YOUR_FILE

For a regular server connect action, that would be under .wappler\targets\YOUR_TARGET_NAME\files\dmxConnect\api\PATH_TO_YOUR_FILE

  • Are you working on a library action when this happens or on a regular server connect action ?

  • If you save your file and don’t see your changes in the editor.
    Right clic on wappler in the tray menu and select “restart wappler”.
    Then check your action step again both visually and in the editor.
    It gets updated this way on my end (just not sure if it’s the same issue you’re getting).

What can I do with it? I practice unique naming convention to all my server actions though.

I don’t work with library action yet but so far I experienced the issue with Db Connection, Mailer, Security and APi Actions.

The files in those folders would be automatically created by wappler using the (unique) name you provided when creating your action.

It seems to be like a “buffer” area (not sure what it is used for exactly) where all my files happen to be when I have a discrepancy between the text editor and the visual one.

When restarting Wappler, it usually flushes them out and copy the content in the “normal” files read by the editor.

Related to:

will be solved in the next update

Fixed in Wappler 3.7.1