Tab content bug - Any change made inside a content, changes the design view back to the 1st content

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Wappler Version : 3.7.0
Operating System : Win10
Server Model: NodeJS
Database Type: PostgreSQL
Hosting Type: Docker

As the title suggests, this has been happening for a LONG time now, but I’ve finally got round to listing it as a bug.

When working inside a ‘Tab pane’ element (inside Tab Content), every time you make a change to ANYTHING in either the code or in the app structure panel (either split screen or plain Design view) the design view will immediately jump back to the view of the 1st listed Pane.

This makes it VERY frustrating to work on anything that is not in the 1st pane.

The view change takes place immedietly as the change you make is recognised. If its in the app structure panel, it happens when you ‘tab’ away from the input you changed. If you type it in the code view, it could change as soon as you hit a key.

One example is changing a Font Awesome icon from being a regular FA icon to a Solid icon by changing the CSS from fa to fas. Simply adding the letter s immediately switches the design view back to the 1st pane.

I realise this isn’t a huge issue… but if you are working inside a Pane…its a huge Pain in the but to constantly switch the design view back to the correct pane after EVERY SINGLE CHANGE.

Happy top provide videos if you can’t replicate.

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We just fixed that actually for bootstrap 5 :slight_smile: will see also the bootstrap4 version

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Fixed in Wappler 3.7.1

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