Wappler 4.9.0 Released

Wappler 4.9.0 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Another great milestone for Wappler! In this update we have added many major Server Connect improvements!

First now you can fully make use of Environment Variables ($_ENV) in all supported Server Languages!
You can use those environment variables for global settings like Database Settings and manage their values in the Global Settings per target.
We have also enhanced all Database Connection dialogs to include data picker so you can easily pick from your list of global $_ENV variables.
See Using Global Environment Variables

Second for NodeJS we have added a new Parallel action that allows you to fully execute multiple action steps concurrently!
This is very convenient when you want to do multiple API requests or Database Queries and then process their output when their are all done first.

Another important new feature is a major App Connect Security update!
Now we have made App Connect fully bullet proof so it doesn’t break easy even if you use bad third party js libraries and also process untrusted external data from third party APIs.

So this is one of the last versions of Wappler 4.x and soon we will be starting with Wappler 5 Beta!
So get ready to be amazed!

Server Connect

  • Added two new powerful actions: Group and Parallel. The Group action just groups actions output under common key but still execute them sequentially, while the Parallel action executes all action steps under it simultaniosly and when all are done then it procedes to the next step. This way you can run multiple actions like remote API calls and Database Queries and wait till all their data is gathered and then process it for example with the Data Transformations or just output it. Note this is only for NodeJS
  • Added Environment variables in the global settings. Now you can specify a list of Environment variables to be used for the specific target
  • Very useful to hold there your security settings and database connection settings.
  • Database Connections now allow picking from Global Data Bindings for usage of $_ENV variables for example.
  • Added Environment variables ($_ENV) support in all Server languages
  • When you define your $_ENV variables in the Global action then there are directly available to set their value in the Server COnnect Global Settings


  • Greatly extended the global settings in Server. Now with more session store types like ‘file’ and ‘database’ so you can store your sessions in the local file system or in a database. When choosing database you can choose to use the buildin local SQLite or any of your existing database connections. If you choose an existing database connection a ‘sessions’ table will be created there.

App Connect

  • A major App Connect Security update!
  • Now App Connect handles greatly the prototype pollution vulnerabilities see https://www.whitesourcesoftware.com/resources/blog/prototype-pollution-vulnerabilities/
  • Improved coexisting with other js libraries that might have overwritten some global javascript objects.
  • Implement also the App Connect Security update in the components Data Store, Data Traversal, Validator and Event Calendar
  • Added extra checks when looping over object properties

Database Manager

  • Improved working with databases without direct connection. Note sub tables feature won’t be available there you need a direct connection for this
  • Improved reference field changes generation and recreation of foreign keys if needed.
  • When creating sub tables use the same database type for the foreign key as the parent table primary key. So if it is a BigInteger use the same.
  • respect the column order to correctly identify nested sub tables with multiple parent references
  • Fixed js error of _processSubTables not found

Database Query Builder and Updater

  • Fix queries using Postgres tables in a different Postgres schema than the default public

Database Connector

  • Add data pickers in all Database Connections in Server Connect, so you can pick rom your global $_ENV variables.

S3 Connector

  • Added new region option for custom S3 providers
  • Improved regions settings for custom providers, now also in PHP

App Connect Date Picker

  • Return only date without time when no time picker enabled

Fixed issues