Show some fields (for debugging purpose) only when in developpement environnement

Hi all,

Usually, i need to unhide hidden form fields when i want to debug.

What is the best practice to have those hidden fields visible when i’m in my dev environnement ?

Hope i’m clear enougth.

Thank’s for your ligths !

As far as I know there isn’t a way. Even with App Connect disabled, the page is still rendered normally, so the hidden fields remain hidden. I usually do what you do or just edit in code view. If you had a lot of fields, you could use find/replace to switch (at least, if most of them were of the same type).

Thx Tom, find/replace with a convention of naming sounds good.

You could reference the $_ENV available in server connect, and then use a ternary expression within a dmx-bind to set the visibility, show/hide for paragraphs or text/hidden for a input type etc


Thx @Hyperbytes !

Environment Variables are now available in Wappler 4.9.0 UI

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