Wappler 4.6.4 Released

Wappler 4.6.4 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

This week we have a new amazing App Connect component for multi-select and tagging! One of the most voted feature requests!

With App Connect Tagify you can now create great looking single or multi select dropdowns, tags and rich text areas. You can even create great layouts with custom styling and thumbnail images.
See Using the Tagify Component

The new component offer also great styling options for all your needs, see Custom Content for Tagify Lists

And of course it integrates greatly with all Wappler Data Bindings and Database Connectivity, see Inserting Tagify Values into a Database

Furthermore we have included a preview of our upcoming Wappler Extension Manager, so you can check it our and give us feedback.
With the Extension Manager you can see all installed extensions and their detailed description. More options for inline updates and 3rd party extensions are coming up.

And last but not least we have updated our App Connect Beta so it is more stable and fast in all use cases. Many problems that you have reported are now solved. So try it out and make sure it works in all your projects as we will soon be releasing it in our extensions stable channel.

New App Connect Tagify Component

  • New rich control for multi selects, tagging and other rich input, based on https://yaireo.github.io/tagify/
  • Render many with rich data binding options and styling
  • Improved design view selection
  • Improved loading option to be dynamic attribute only for binding with server connect loading for example
  • Improved inspector tooltips and grouping as well styling default values
  • Added count prop and added extra data to events
  • Added default style colors
  • Added secondary text and more styling options
  • Added special dropdown item styling
  • Improved help texts
  • Improved initial value loading
  • Improved tag manipulation events with custom data

New Extension Manager

  • Now you can view all installed extensions in Wappler with the new Extensions Manager
  • Search for name or filter from the category list
  • When clicking on the extension logo - a detail page is displayed with extension info.

App Connect Beta

  • new update with improvements in refreshing of data in flow intensive pages

Docker Manager

  • Use the correct docker SSH user for Host SSH shell
  • Improved listing of Docker Machines

Database Manager

  • Added extended connection pool options for NodeJS database connections

Fixed issues