Multi-Select Input Solution

Hey everyone…

Does Wappler or do any of you have a nice solution for a multi-select input? (So one with several choices like a dropdown, but you can select more than one of them).

… I don’t want to use the simple ‘multiple’ option on the select tag as it involves the user pressing [ctrl] which isn’t a simple enough gui for my userbase…

… I’ve just looked at the jquery “select2” but it looks a bit too clever and detailed for what I want…

Something like the one that Bubble provides would be just great - a little video of it running is below.

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Good idea Antony! We are actually already looking for a suitable multi select component for a while to integrate with App Connect but haven’t found the best one yet.

Select2 comes indeed close but we are looking for more cleaner one that don’t use jquery.


Hi, @George!
Any update with multi-select?

Hi, @Antony!
Did you made it somehow finally?

Bubble uses Select2 for their multiple select input. :smiley:

Coincidentally also looking for this!