Wappler 4.4.2 Released

Wappler 4.4.2 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

In this Wappler update we have greatly improved our Docker and NodeJS integration. Now you can choose precisely how to run your NodeJS in your Docker production on which type of operating system. This will give you much more freedom and control about the docker image size.
We also have added options to control the docker logging now and even cleanup unused docker images, as frequently requested in our community, so that your server doesn’t run out of disk space when using Docker/

For our Mobile App Development, we have added more global Wappler options to let your control the locations of your Android SDK, JDK and Gradle.

Last but not least we have implemented some great UI speed optimizations for super performance and less memory usage!

Docker Manager & NodeJS

  • Greatly improved NodeJS targets - now using directly the official NodeJS docker images, with choices for NodeJS version, OS type (Alpine or Debian version) and Image Type Slim or full when Debian is used. So now you can finally empower different OS versions for Node and use Alpine for the most lightweight NodeJS docker image!
  • Added new option to clean up unused docker images. It can be safely ran to free disk space. Only unused older images from previous deploys will be cleaned.
  • Added new options for controlling the logging for the web and the database services. It defaults now to 5 files with 10mb max size to avoid running out of diskspace due to logging. Note to apply the new logging options you need to open and save the project options and redeploy.
  • New Docker Node Projects now use the directly the official NodeJS images
  • Greatly improve docker project switching speed - now smartly check if the project really needs a redeploy
  • Docker Real-time logs can now be also used even if the service didn’t start successfully, so you can see the errors.
  • Use different shell for the Alpine images, just sh instead of bash.
  • Optimize cleanup of the terminals
  • Improve running local docker with NodeJS on MacOS

Mobile & Desktop App Development

  • Add global Wappler options to set custom Android SDK, Java JDK and Gradle paths


  • Fixed remaining S3 upgrade issues, fixes upload and download from S3.
  • Database Connector - Remove order by on the count subquery


  • Greatly improved the styling and speed of all dropdowns in the Wappler UI, like properties inspectors and options

New Native Dialogs & Popups

  • Improved dialog positioning for the Bootstrap Generators and Server Connect global options

App Connect

  • Set button type to button when no type set

App Connect Validator

  • Fixed date min/max validation

Fixed issues