How to fix docker error no space left on device

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to deploy using Docker/NodeJS to my target on Digital Ocean, and I am getting this error. This is the first time I come across this error, and previously the deployment was working fine, and I didn’t change anything in the target settings. I am currently using V3.4.2

Error I am getting:

Any idea what this error is and how to fix it?


Hi @george, just wondering if the ‘clean/prune’ button, discussed when I had the same issue, could make it into an update?

Great, thank you @George, I don’t know how I didn’t find that post before posting my question.

Anyways I wonder how come only 38 images occupied like 20 GB? how is this happening, and does that mean that in the future if I reach to 38 images I wont have enough space again?

Currently I am using DO spaces when user uploads some images, so I think that shouldn’t affect the space I am using for the DO target.

Well it depends on what you have in the docker images php or nodejs is like 200-300MB and then if you also have a database like mysql it is another 300-400MB that

We do plan to shrink down the NodeJS images, see:

@bpj - haven’t got a chance to include the cleanup button yet.


It’s not like you’ve had anything else to do :rofl:
p.s. love the new Globals bit in SC. Kudos to you and the team :clap:

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Hi Firas,
It is really quick to do once you have done it once. When you choose the Host Server SSH option and it has connected to the server, press your up arrow and the previously run command will appear in the command line. You can keep pressing it to look back through/execute historical commands.

Got it fixed Ben, thank you for the tip :+1:

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