Wappler 4.3.2 Released

Wappler 4.3.2 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Even more sleek features in this Wappler update!
We have now polished our native dialog and popups integration. The popups size is now remembered and used on reopen. Expression pane is now also resizable.
Also our tree views in App Connect Structure, Data Bindings and Server Connect got an UI refresh! Now with much clearer collapse and expand icons!

And further as usually we have many extension updates and fixes.

New experimental native windows popups

  • Remember the size of the common popup windows when resized and restore it when open again
  • Centered modal popup windows now open on the same screen as the Wappler main window
  • Improved native window popups and dialogs speed and stability
  • Routes Picker now also available as native popup window
  • Improved Server Connect Chooser to include the projects selector
  • Improved positioning of popup windows to be close to the original trigger icon
  • Improved initial maximize state of the main window and removed unnecessary minimize/maximize tooltips on windows
  • Improved focus management
  • Improved adding data formatters in the data bindings dialogs
  • Remember and restore the size of resized dialogs for Database Query Builder, Custom Query and Updater
  • Remember and restore the size of Page Flow Editor popup

Data Pickers

  • Allow Data Binding Pickers for both Server Connect, App Connect and Flows to have a fully resizable expression panel. Also remember the size and use it next time.

Database Manager

  • Greatly improved MS SQL Server schema retrieval for views and references for tables

Database Query Builder and Updater

  • Improved the Database Query Builder, Updater and Custom Query dialogs inline edit and data picking. Now on single click of the value it goes in edit mode. Also after picking a data binding it is saved directly

Server Action & App Flows Editors

  • Greatly improved the expand and collapse icons, to be more thin style and animated
  • Improved selection highlight styling

Mobile Apps

  • Improved the JDK check - now uses the system available JDK

App Connect

  • Added selectedValue and selectedText to select component
  • Added loading dynamic attribute for images and iframes

Bootstrap 4 & 5

  • Added loading attribute for images

Server Connect

  • Improved session handling in PHP
  • Fixed backward compatible with PHP 5
  • Fixed Query builder calling after library include

Design View

  • Optimized the initial loading the pages, to be faster
  • Improved loading speed and stability of the edit controls and overlay

Code View

  • Updated Emmet plugin and extended usage
  • Added keybinding CTRL+T for Emmet: Wrap with Abbreviation

Bootstrap 5

  • Fixed generators file name case - solves problems on Linux
  • Updated bs5 collapse to support bs5 accordion structure and data-bs-parent attribute
  • Improved row detection and form groups


  • Improved Wappler main window state management. Now it will always fit the monitor size and the initial maximized state is correctly reflected on Windows and linux. Improved saving speed.
  • When resetting main window size on reopen due to monitor size change, keep the maximized state
  • Special case finding stylefile for node, use the old way, relative urls give problems

Fixed issues