New panels and dialogs - thank you!

From my point of view, this is a great update - a bigger change than from 3.99 to 4.00.

Obviously there are a few outstanding issues, but generally, this is going to make a huge difference to working with Wappler, with many of the UI frustration issues resolved.

Currently, dialog sizes are not ‘remembered’ - they’re forgotten immediately a dialog is closed. Hopefully this will be added, otherwise constant dragging/moving/resizing will be needed.

The section in the lower part of some panels - eg in Flow Editor and Action Editor - can now be resized (height and width), which is great. However, in other cases - eg in the Design/Code sections - the height can’t be changed. However, being able to change the width is already a big improvement.

I appreciate that modal dialogs are not popular but I wonder if some of the non-modal dialogs should be modal. Eg if i’m editing a complicated expression in Server Data Bindings and click away from the dialog - or perhaps fail to resize the dialog carefully enough, resulting in it closing - then any changes are lost. I had to restart Wappler without the experimental options to see that this was how it was before too. However, I think it’s more of an issue now that you can interact with the dialogs as you couldn’t before, perhaps expecting them to remain in position if you click away from them, and not expecting changes to be lost. In such cases, I don’t think there’s any advantage in the dialog not being modal.


This … would be a big improvement.

Thanks Tom!

Yes there is definitely more fine tuning to be done!

We just implemented the foundation for this huge architectural change which was already very challenging to do.

So there is definitely more to do. So keep on providing great feedback.


Another case where the resizable lower section of a panel is very useful is in Query Builder


Perhaps in v5, there could be a SQL query beautifier built in here.


Very good job! I’ve been wanting this forever! Looks like a few details to still work out, and hence it’s still experimental, but this is EXACTLY what we were needing. Guessing your team building last week spurred on some greatness!

This has been improved in Wappler 4.3.1

Is it technically feasible to allow the native popups to run in background?

All native panels run on their own “background” - but for some modal ones we block the UI, so that the panels are in context.

What is your idea/need more precisely?

Being able to look for something for reference without blocking the UI and without having to close the modal and open it again.

I open a database query window but I want to double check a Server Connect tab. Right now we have to close the modal. Click on the tab. Check the info. Click on the original tab. Open database query.

I understand context is important and keeping window on top is part of the UX, but not blocking the UI is important also when you are all over the place.

Maybe an option to send to background?