Window Position Issue on Wappler 4.3.0

Wappler Version : wappler 4.3.0
Operating System : windows 10
Server Model: php
Database Type: mysql
Hosting Type: local

I use 2 monitors when working with wappler. (13.3 inch and 24 inch) wappler is always on the big monitor. I’m having problems with the positions of the opened windows while I’m running the New Wappler 4.3.0.

Problem 1 :

  1. Create a form within a project
  2. Try adding “success attribute” inside the form.
  3. The newly opened window cannot be moved and most of it is not visible.

Problem 2:

  1. Create a server connect file for a project
  2. Try adding a query builder to this project

It doesn’t matter if query builder insert/update or select. While Query builder should be opened on the large monitor (whichever screen the wappler is on), it opens on the small screen. Whichever monitor the Wappler is on, the windows must be displayed on this monitor.

And that only happens with the experimental features on, correct?

I haven’t tried it with the experimental version turned off. But now the experimental version is on .

Which monitor is assigned as your primary monitor in Windows?

Is Wappler running on it or the other one?

primary monitor is 13.3 inch
yes wappler is running on other one.

Yes the windows OS default is that new windows always come on your primary display first.

Will see if we can optimize this.

yes optimization will be very good . In addition, the problem I am trying to explain in problem 1 is as in the image and I cannot move the window.

and other issue on server connect side ;

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This has been fixed in Wappler 4.3.1

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