Wappler 4.2.2 Released

Wappler 4.2.2 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

In this update the Server Connect and App Flows editors have received many new improvements in the existing steps tree like like context menu, multi select, selection visualization, simplification by removing the unnecessary steps node and many more.
So we feel that based on that and the feedback we received from your, the additional blocks view is no longer needed. Still the new features are under experimental flag so you can test them out first.

Next we have greatly improved our CSS linters. They are now much speedier and also can handle complex CSS background with gradients. So working with very complex CSS should be now a breeze.

Many extensions have received updates and of course many issues are fixed that you have reported in our community.

Next week we will have a team building week, so will be skipping the update if there aren’t any urgent issues. We will be resuming our weekly updates, the week after.

Server Connect & App Flows Editors

  • Add new conditional steps with the context menu
  • On new nodes with multiple conditional steps - add only the required initially
  • New context menu with toggles for output, steps and expand/collapse all under
  • New shortcuts - Use + key to add action steps directly
  • Enable multiple selections! Now you can select multiple action steps and delete, disable or toggle output to all!
  • Add conditional steps nodes via the context menu on main nodes or other conditional children
  • Always add new steps on top when adding from main branches
  • Improved the default tree view to show steps labels in uppercase and also have a group selection highlight on the left
  • New Experimental - removed the unnecessary steps branch in the Server Connect and App Flows actions for more clear view
  • Improved adding new action files and app flows
  • improved delete node checks
  • Removed experimental blocks mode as it was unnecessary due to the many improvements in the regular tree view

Database Manager

  • Fully implemented database Table Editor in Tabs now. It is no longer experimental only
  • When the database table is opened in the editor, it is now reactivated instead of opened again.

App Connect Flows

  • Improved frameworks detection on change

App Connect Charts

  • Updated chart component to support custom tooltip text

App Connect

  • Improved data handling when using repeaters in flow

Server API Connector

  • Renamed Username authentication to Basic to be more standardized
  • Improved support for basic authentication schema fetching

Server Data Transformations

  • Improved schema generation for the action with the latest Server Connect

S3 Connector

  • Added missing downloadFile action to S3 module asp.net

Database Connector

  • Fixed paged queries mssql asp.net


  • Do not set cookie when there is already response sent, will generate error otherwise.
  • Fixed root links for NodeJS projects

App Connect Form Validator

  • Improved validator reset

Font Awesome Icons Picker

  • Prevent display under the titlebar on Windows

Fixed issues


But wait there is more!

Wappler 4.2.2 includes now also an update for the CSS Autoprefixer, so that everything runs smoothly now.