Dockable or "Break Away" panels

So, first of all, @George and his team has done an amazing job making the interface as simple and easy to use as possible, and it works great on single monitors. It works even if you have some widescreen monitors, like @psweb with his big 42" I believe. However, with multiple monitors I think there could be a little improvement. Most all web development programs allow you to move panels around so you can customize your workflow. Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Pinegrow, and yes, Dreamweaver.

I am lucky enough to have 3 2550x1440 monitors in my home office, and 3 2550x1600 monitors at work. Wappler really only works well with one monitor. I can “stretch” it to span two monitors, but then I have to play with where the split is. Here is a screen shot:

I have the split screen carefully put where my two monitors touch. But if you have to expand the Server connect panel or the App Connect panel, it gets off again.

Can we please have detachable, dockable, breakaway panels so that we can move these around where we want them? This would be my ideal layout:

Here you can see your file window, your server connect window, DOM tree, App Connect all without having to tab around. I think this is also going to be more important as you are adding new features, which are happening weekly. The routing feature coming up looks like it will take a whole tab to itself.

This feature request has been brought up before, but I thought I would do a little mock up to show what it would look like.


We have a lot of complicated action steps and it would really help A LOT if we could place the tools-windows on one screen and the design/code window into another.

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+1 on this
Spending too much time resizing and clicking buttons before getting to work…

Ideal scenario would be to enable undocking of the panels.
So that we can set positions and sizes for each.
And then quickly switch focus from one to another “alt + tab” style.

A “cloning” feature would be also really useful for code window so that we can edit code quickly without scrolling from one part of the code to another. :wink: