SQL debugging using built-in terminal

I vaguely noticed the built-in terminal was mentioned in the last update, but have only just looked at it. I think it’s a great feature.

I usually use a text editor to display SQL queries as they’re executed. However it’s much more convenient to do this directly within Wappler. Open the terminal panel and enter:
powershell -nologo "& “Get-Content -Wait C:\wamp\logs\mysql_query.log -Tail 10”
… now as you test searching and sorting etc., by control+clicking the relevant buttons, you will see each query as soon as it’s executed. This is with Wamp installed on Windows. I imagine it would work in the same way on a Mac. I can’t remember if the log file is enabled by default - I think perhaps it isn’t.


Nice one Tom!

I was thinking of offering powershell as direct terminal choice instead of the good old CMD only, but wasn’t sure if anybody uses it :slight_smile:

Actually we are doing a lot of shell commands from the publishing toolbar already, like the FTP, the cordova building for mobile apps and later more integrations will come there for like Google firebase stuff


Great tip @TomD thank you for sharing!

I agree @TomD, a nice catch.

And George for what it is worth, I would vote for CMD over PowerShell. I am so use to CMD that I just cannot get adjusted to the PowerShell syntax