Dockable or "Break Away" panels

The Query Builder feature request (abilty to copy queries) was partly implemented a while ago, using the Debug option, in the Query Properties panel. However a better option, if available, is to use the query log. This is great for debugging and lets you copy the actual queries generated. This is probably an option if you're developing locally. You can view the log in a text editor, or within Wappler using the terminal (I gave an example a while ago).

Regarding the feature requests lists, it would be useful to have more information from the Wappler team - eg the current status of requests. In many cases, I imagine we have little idea whether a feature would be easy to implement or very difficult, or might have side-effects or implications the requesters wouldn't be aware of. The number of votes isn't necessarily indicative of the likelihood of a request being implemented. Some requests have been implemented before there was time for many people to vote (even on the same day in at least one case).

The Feature Request list is very unwieldy. There are 533 requests at the moment. I don't think it's possible to search by status, although 'implemented' appears next to some. Some requests are made implicitly within other posts. It could be a lot more useful.