Web Development with Docker Part 2, Databases and Terminals

It works on Windows - example here. I expect it will work on a Mac too but I don't know the command.

Using the above approach, queries are displayed as they're executed, within Wappler's built-in terminal. Another option I often use is a text editor which can monitor file changes and auto update and scroll to the end of the file. I have this on a separate monitor. I use UltraEdit - on Windows mainly; I don't thiink the Mac version has the auto-scroll option.

However you do it, it's extremely useful for debugging queries and I'm very pleased it's been added to make it work so easily with Docker. (Thanks @George!)

As George mentioned, this will be added, but as it is, you just need to double-click the file in Wappler's file manager (as long as you have hidden files set to display).

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