Upload Files to API via Server Connect

It is still planned, hope to get started with it very soon. We had a lot of work with other big updates that we didn’t have time to work on this earlier.


Did this ever get implemented?

requesting an update on this request please. any chance this will be done with the next major update?

not yet :frowning:

Yes, I’d really like to update directly to Amazon S3 from within a Server Action… not sure what is involved but it sounds like it isn’t possible at the moment… :frowning:

we did implement this by creating a new ASHX file - configuring it is manual process but rather simple.

@sid pls generalise and share our solution (for ASP & PHP both) with a usage guide when you find time. that will help community at large while Wappler integrates a better solution.


Bump! This is becoming mission critical… I need to be able to upload to Amazon S3 very very soon…

I think that the issue will be that there are so many cloud storage providers that it will be hard for the team to integrate with them all and keep up to date with changes. All of these providers can already be used with their respective API’s.

I’ve created this poll to gather interest in which services are more popular. It then gives the team a better idea of what we are all looking for and might even prompt some of us to share our own solutions with the community.

  • AWS S3
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Azure Storage
  • Wasabi
  • BackBlaze B2
  • DigitalOcean Spaces
  • Linode Object Storage
  • Vultr Object Storage
  • Scaleway Object Storage

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Adding my 10 cents worth here. I voted for AWS S3 but if it is done request to be able to create new buckets, specify bucket to create folders as well as post, get and delete files.

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BackBlaze B2 now has S3 compatible APIs.

So if/when the Wappler team adds functionality for Server Connect to upload files directly to S3, then that could (in theory) also allow Server Connect to upload files to BackBlaze B2 without much additional integration work for the Wappler team.

Digital Ocean Spaces also seems to have some compatibility with S3 APIs.

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Digital Ocean Spaces also seems to have some compatibility with S3 APIs.

Indeed, and that works perfectly :+1: , we use it in a project programmed in Python.


How can I create a form to upload a file directly to a third-party through its API?

I need to send a file using the POST method as described below:

curl --request POST \ 
  --url 'https://www.externalwebsite' \
  --form 'apikey=<apikey>' \
  --form 'file=@/path/to/file'

Thank you

Wondering if any planned updates/releases for this? I’d really like to utilize S3 to store files, as Heroku doesn’t have a local file system - so the only option is to use an API to send files to S3, but this isn’t possible.

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I need this for S3 pretty urgently now… And S3 seems to be topping the poll!


gift for after the holidays @George @patrick @Teodor :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :beers:

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@George is it possible to do that now with the new version?

I have seen the S3 Connector, but I do not know if I have to use that somehow or the feature has not been implemented yet.

Thank you.

Nope. That is a connector for AWS S3 and providers with S3 compatible APIs like Digital Ocean.

If the API you are working with is compatible with S3 you might have a chance.

I am still wondering why has this feature not been implemented, since 2019 we are already in 2024.

Postman, for example, allows to select the key type either as text or as a file as shown in the screenshot below:

You can use this extension:


Thanks @jellederijke for the info. This is exactly what I was looking for. I have been uploading files to external APIs manually using JavaScript fetch. I still wonder why the Wappler Team has not implemented this solution into the core server action API module.

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