Upload Files to API via Server Connect

presently, we can upload file(s) to own server using Server Connect via Forms. (ref: Uploading Multiple Files To Your Server)

this is good, thank you.

the request:

please add a feature to allow to upload files directly to a 3rd party server by using an API.

this will perticularly be helpful for intensive business critical web apps where separate modules requires files to be uploaded to separate locations on various 3rd party services like google drive, S3, etc.

thank you.

I already sent a similar request here:

@George may we connect/split that topic?

Yes - as the title says this request is for Server side upload from server to remote server.

While the topic @foxy88 refers to is for client side upload through the API Form - which is actually already possible. As any HTML5 form file upload.

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requesting an update on this request please. any chance this will be done with the next major update?

Sorry this won’t make it in the upcoming major update but will see if we can make it in the next updates afterwards


I would be interested in this too, just now needed it. Is it still planned? (I’m also curious about the custom database query’s release)


It is still planned, hope to get started with it very soon. We had a lot of work with other big updates that we didn’t have time to work on this earlier.