Bootstrap Classes Auto-Suggest

In code view, it auto-suggests things you are typing. For instance, if I type pla, it will show “placeholder”. I was thinking it may be useful if when you are typing class names inside code view, if it showed suggestions for all the Bootstrap 4 classes that apply to that type of element.

For instance, if it is a div tag, and you put class="", it could show suggestions like col, row, container, or whatever.

I don’t know if that would be useful or not, but just an idea.

I agree (and voted). Would be nice. Also, what would be totally awesome is to have auto-completion with data binding, so when I type {{, a list of possible data binding values will pop up. Yes, it’s primarily a visual designer and there is nothing wrong with the way it works, but having that level of auto-completion… Well now you are on the same level as Visual Studio and others.


Would really be nice if at least in the App Structure properties panel, the autocomplete could work when you start typing in the class field, so it is still the Wappler visual way but just with a little more control over classes.
Espresso had a nice implementation of this but only in code where the autocomplete would also look through your custom created classes in the custom external css file and also show those choices in the list.


I need this in on the Design Panel and on the Code View text editor. I feel uncomfortable without auto suggest because I used to use it on DW. Voted with high hope.

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It will be a great point of attraction to coders
If we can see auto suggest of data inside js scripts.

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Like this?


Yes. That would be nice.

yeah I’d love that too.

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Let’s try and bump this one for version 6…