Allow custom Flow components

@George , thank you for taking time to discuss this topic with us. I reviewed the Cordova plugins. It appears those plugins are only used to enable native functionality in mobile devices. Unfortunately, that does not help with my use case. I realize what I am attempting to do appears to be an edge case, but maybe there is bigger idea that could come out of it.

How will Flow allow me to parse emails? Email parsing is a fairly complex process and typically requires using some open source component/package to achieve. Both php and node.js have such packages, but whatever solution I use has to run on the client.

I wonder if a functionality similar to Bubble’s Plugin Editor would be helpful. Essentially it allows developers to build plugins that hook into Bubble’s workflow builder. As an example, here are some screenshots from the Mailparser I created, which I then used to parse email data from gmail 's API in a Bubble workflow. If we could do similar functions with Server Connect and Flow, I think that would really open up additional possibilities for Wappler.

  1. Step one is to install the npm package for mailparser
  2. Step two is to define the input fields for the workflow to push data into the plugin. I only needed one input to accept the RFC 2822 formatted and base64url encoded string provided by gmail for each email.
  3. Step 3 was to define Return Value fields that will be available in Bubble’s workflow (these match fields the MailParser provides from a RFC 2822 formatted and base64url encoded string, which represents an email message)
  4. Step 4 was to connect the parsed fields to the defined fields in Step 3
  5. Step 5 is to use the plugin in workflow

    Notice all of the “Result of Step 3 (simpleParse)'s …”)
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Good point Keith,

Yes if you allow custom flow components - you will be able to make such components yourself based indeed maybe on NodeJS code.

We also will have a lot of data processing components, parsing of any data will get much easier.
Think of processing CSV data, images, xml input etc.

I moved this to the requests so more people can vote on it.


I voted for this, although at present I have no idea when or why I would use a Flow at anytime let alone a custom one. But from what I read on here in this community it seems that Flows are a powerful feature.


Slightly off-topic, but is there any way the number of votes available can be increased, without looking up old threads and removing votes. I don’t know how the number used is calculated - eg whether it’s the total for all time or per year etc. - but I don’t see why it should be limited.

I ran out of votes a while ago (and would like to vote for this request).

It seems the votes are a fixed number per user, we are going to increase them :slight_smile:

EDIT: @TomD votes have been increased :slight_smile: enjoy voting!


Thanks @george! I think enabling Wapplers to extend functionality with node.js, while also allowing them to hook into Flow would be amazing!

Looking forward to enough votes to make this idea a reality. :slight_smile: