Draggable / Sortable Elements

Very good idea! Maybe to have kinda „wizard or help windows“ to select which columns should be stored or passed. I guess thats the only way.

I think about some GUI where it would be possible to: Choose columns to store/pass and in which format. So it could be passed to mysql or even API or maybe file.

@George that sortable JS is Amazing! Woow and I love that nested stuff its so powerful! Imagine creating your own dynamic Navigation and reorder or nest it easily!

Looks like passing that as an array or json would be helpful and then push to file, api or mysql…


There is already a feature request as I know for sortable. Maybe to merge that topic here to the other existing one…

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Good idea Freddy! I came here to make the same request and see you’ve already thought of it.


This would be a great functionality for us too!


any news about sortable component?

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Check a brief description on how you can create the functionality

Thank you


Sortable Component

Can you give an example of when this would be useful? Maybe a site that already uses this method?

If this is for reordering items on an admin page - so items will appear in a particular order - then this is a something I use a lot.

It would be useful if there were a feature for this in Wappler, but there is a very good tutorial by @t11 here:

Yeap I need …I want to create database driven bootstrap navbar

Hi Serhat, how is the navbar related to drag and drop reordering of items? :slight_smile:

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Hello @Teodor,
I mean , menu items (buttons ) :blush:. I want to create sortable menus (drag&drop) on admin page like this example


I can’t imagine a feature quite like that would be added to Wappler. (I think menus like that can be useful - but they were excluded from Bootstrap and are not as popular as they were.)

However, the main challenge - having a means to control the order of menu items using drag and drop (however that menu is created) - is covered in the tutorial I linked to. As items are reordered, the relevant field in the database (which controls the sort order) is updated.

Hi Serhat,
I can’t find anything in this tutorial related to drag&drop :slight_smile:
The original poster suggested drag&drop to be added. Are you referring to multi level menu, as this is not really planned and we are not fans of multi level menus in responsive design?

Example of use

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Maybe this video can help what I am saying :slight_smile: sorry I cant tell my idea


yes, yes, yes :slight_smile: This is what I want,
it is wonderful :wink:

Has any of the drag and drop reordering feature ever added yet to Wappler?

This will be a great addition to Wappler. Voted.


I think this thread should be merged with this one, where @George suggested what they might use. It looked like a great idea.

A feature like this would be near the top of the list of features I would like added in Wappler.


Merged :slight_smile: