nodeJS Server

Actually the biggest advantage of NodeJS and its speed is that it isn’t that much multi-threading but uses a single thread event loop.

That makes it outperform even PHP on many occasions:

But of course both have their place in web development. However when moving towards to more API oriented architectures, NodeJS seems to be a winner.

I understood nodeJS had worse performance for DB operations. Is this not anymore the case?

To my knowledge that are no DB performance issues with nodejs. It all depends on the database and it’s drivers.

Where did you got this from?

Some benchmarks I saw time ago in stack overflow and some website.

This one for instance (unfortunately in Spanish)



But you know I am pretty sure I can find a benchmark that says the opposite :joy:

Node has a large amount of packages you can install that are fairly well supported and recent. Plus you can learn one language and use it sever side and client side. It also works well for Electron apps.


Are the team able to share an approximate timeframe for node?

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Sorry to nag - I wondered if you can give any sort of approx timeline for node? I have a half finished project I would like to have a go at finishing - however its all node / js. Even if its a long term thing it would be great to know how likely we are to see this in the next months / year etc. Thanks!

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Hello @DrNinjamonkey
Unfortunately i cannot provide any time-frame about integrating this.
Probably this will not be available in the next couple of months as we have quite a few other requests with higher priority at the moment, aimed at making new/inexperienced users feel more comfortable using Wappler.


Database Wizard / DB Kickstarter :smile::ok_hand:t4::tada::tada::tada:


Just wanted to kick this request again to see if we’re any closer to getting it in Wappler. I’m really looking forward to building a desktop app, but need some type of server connect functionality that can run on the person’s device – hoping that election with nodejs will be able to do this.

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Hey @kfawcett
We don’t really have any timeframe for this request, but this won’t be implemented until the end of this year.

I’ve been using the knot for a few weeks, it’s very easy to use.

i’m using wappler on the frontend and nodejs on the backend
In this project

I really hope to do this with Wappler which is much faster

Hey guys! Quick question - is support for NodeJS/Express still pending in Server Connect?


that would be beautiful

We have been waiting with excitement for a very long time … :slight_smile:

I hope the good news comes.

I thought they already discarded nodejs as a server model.
They did mention they would think about being able to extend Wappler by calling node modules.
That’s the latest, right?

No :slight_smile:


That straight answer would make it seem that it is again on the table :slight_smile:

That will make a lot of people happy.


Hello guys, please check: