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Hello! Great product, Wappler is changing the game, love all the new rapid features that pop up every week!

There was mention last year of nodeJS as server model, has there been any work towards this or can you provide an estimate on when we might see this supported?

Keep up the great work!


Hi Lee,

Great to see you are enjoying Wappler! Yes we are here to change the world :slight_smile:

We plan indeed to add full support of NodeJS and express to our backend framework Server Connect.

We use ourselves NodeJS on all our new sites and love it.

It is just a shame that the mainstream hosting don’t offer it just as common as php hosting yet.

We also got a bit side tracked by other frequently asked features of Wappler like solid frontend and mobile dev support. As well wider database support.

But NodeJS support is coming up - the more users ask for It the higher priority we can add to making it.

Do share usage cases and hosting solutions that help see the great power of nodejs so other can get to its usage as well.


Hi George

Thanks for the fast response! Pleased to hear you plan to support it and that you use it on your sites!

I’m looking into using nodejs on embedded products (IoT) for backend interactions with the hardware etc. and would like to build my front-end all in Wappler so I can support cross-platform applications.

BTW the new Framework 7 with adding Electron support is awesome! I’m looking forward to tinkering with this. Have you thought about ability to publish to Android TV as well? Looks like Cordova has a package to support it -

Keep up the great work!

Best regards

Looking forward to seeing node


+1 for Nodejs and the ability to add packages from npm.

i am waiting for nodejs as well…

Moved this to the features request forum, so you can vote.

Doesn’t utilizing a hosting company’s node server (where provided, of course)
SIGNIFICANTLY improve dynamic queries & loading of data ?

From what I am reading then Wappler PWA 's by default do not yet require or use Node.js server?

PWA doesn’t require NodeJS server - they are mostly dynamic client side apps and can just as good work with PHP servers for the remote backend.

But Node is really fast and gaining more popularity.


Thank you for that answer, George!

Unless you’re talking about shared web hosting, Node is offered by many hosting companies. Really any VPS provider can be used.

Yes indeed also the major Cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Azure and Google offer easy Nodejs hosting out of the box:

We hope soon to be adding support to direct cloud publishing to those providers, straight from Wappler.


Also very simple to set-up on WHM/CPanel:

and Plesk another very good hosting control panel that we use:

But as I understand it manually “implementing” node.js while using Wappler’s proprietary connector extension is a tutorial in itself.
Node.js is just starting to be considered by many normal php/mysql linux hosting services but usually requiring a completely different account.

Isn’t the magic of node.js only fully realized when Wappler adapts their database connector extension to fully implement its potential?

Yes when we add nodejs support to Server Connect and the database connector then you will fully unleash its potential in Wappler.

For hosting the final nodejs site you still need a hosting that supports it - hence the solutions above.

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Thank you, again!

I’m super excited for this feature within Wappler as I left the PHP world many years ago for JavaScript. have an amazing service with super simple deployment. Their team is also responsible for Micro (minimal framework) and Next.js, possibly the most popular project within the React community atm.
Unfortunately they don’t include database hosting.

I’m also a fan of the team behind

Why is nodeJS so important for people?

Don’t get me wrong. I know nodeJS is newer, trending and has some neat features. But for the great majority of websites people tend to build PHP beats nodeJS performance.

Are people just being carried away by novelty and trend?

PHP is not going anywhere anytime soon.


Its one because it “can” be more performant but I think the biggest plus to it is that it allows you to use 1 language on the front and back end. Your using Javascript everywhere. Obviously doesn’t really matter to us inside wappler but thats a big plus if you are writing bare code.

Agreed, but yeah I was refering to wappler server connect. There will be a drop in performance against using PHP for content based sites. 90% of Wappler sites?

I haven’t seen any game or chat based apps created with Wappler that can take advantage of nodeJS.

In any case, I don’t mind it of course
. I was just wandering why the fuss for Wappler support from a Wappler user perspective :slight_smile:

I would see a clear advantage for Wappler team to move to nodeJS if it was the only stack they maintained. So app connect and nodeJS. But having to maintain 4 server stacks and integrate them with app connect seems overkill…

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