Wappler 4.9.1 Released

Wappler 4.9.1 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Keeping Wappler’s integrated extensions up to date, is now a breeze with the new Wappler Extensions Updater! Now we can publish directly extensions updates that you can install instantly without even restarting Wappler!
No more waiting for large Wappler update, but directly install the extension updates!
You will get a nice notification when Wappler extension updates are available, but you can also check manually by just choosing “Check for Updates” fromm the Wappler Tray menu, just like you are checking for App Updates.

Another major update is of our Stripe integration. We have now included the latest Stripe API, with over 40 additional Server Connect actions! Now you can fully take advantage of new API functionality like the new Stripe Rich Search API.

As Wappler 5 is taking shape on the horizon, will will soon start with the Wappler 5 Beta, so you can test it well before we release the final. This will take at least couple of weeks as we have a lot to cover!

So the current Wappler 4.9.1 is pretty stable and unless there are major issues, we will be pausing the Wappler 4 app weekly updates, to focus fully on Wappler 5 beta.
Of course if there are any components updates, we can now push them online to you with the Wappler Extensions Updater. So no need for big Wappler app update.

Wappler Extensions Updater

  • Wappler integrated extensions can now be fully updated online! So when new versions are available you will be notified and can install them directly inline without even restarting Wappler!
  • Checking for new extensions updates is done automatically just like the regular Wappler updates, but you can always check manually by choosing “Check for Updates” from the Wappler tray menu.
  • If there is a new Wappler App update, you have to update it first and then you can also update to new extensions if available.
  • When Extensions updates are available you will see an installation text in Wappler’s titlebar, it has a dropdown tooltip with a list of the extensions updates available.

Stripe Connector

  • Major Stripe API update to the latest API. Added 40 new API actions and webhooks. Also the new Stripe Search API, so you can do now rich searches for customers, products, prices, subscriptions etc. Note you do need to enable the latest API version in the Stripe Dashboard to 2020-08-27 or greater
  • Updated the PHP and NodeJS libraries to the latest version 9.0.0
  • Improved Stripe Actions internal API calls to some functions to comply the Stripe API.
  • Added Stripe Connector as extension

Bootstrap 4 & 5

  • Updated Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 extensions to the latest
  • Bootstrap 4 components update to 4.6.0
  • Bootstrap 5 components update to 5.1.3

Database Table Editor in Tab

  • Correctly display UUID fields as text fields
  • If error occur on saving records - display it now

Database Connector & Updater

  • Correctly display UUID fields as text fields


  • Improved NodeJS projects creation
  • Moved all NodeJS files to Wappler extension for easy update

Project Options

  • Improved targets management


  • Optimized editor closing and memory clean up
  • Cleanup some minor js errors on restart

Code Editor

  • Updated and optimized code linters, much lighter so loading faster
  • Updated packages to latest versions

App Connect

  • Latest App Connect
  • Fixed some minor js errors

App Connect Date Picker

  • Fixed time picker integration

App Connect Charts

  • Improved charts data processing

App Connect Framework 7

  • Update the extension with Framework 7 version 6.3.14

Fixed issues