Wappler 4.0.0 Beta 13 - The Golden Master Released

Wappler 4.0.0 Beta 13 - The Golden Master Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/beta/

Latest stable 3.9.9 is still available
You can use both at the same time

What’s New

It is almost time for the final Wappler 4 release! With Beta 13 we present you the Golden Master - the almost final version!

In this update we have finalized all the UI changes and fixed the issues reported in our community.

Design View

  • Implemented zoom and screenshot in design view

Code Editor

  • Updated Emmet for the Monaco Editor

Git Manager

  • Improved gitManager toolbar and refreshing on projects change
  • Improved git login dialog


  • New Wappler Welcome Screen when Wappler is started for first time or with no projects active
  • Disable project options edit when no active project
  • On initial Wappler open or when no projects are active, open the Project Manager as modal, so a project must be selected or created.
  • Make sure toolbar becomes visible after closing/opening project
  • Hide project options when no project is open
  • Styling editor panel
  • Improved and documented the latest shortcuts
  • show project settings only when project is active

Project Manager

  • Open Existing Wappler folder now opens also the project directly
  • Improved new project dialog
  • Improved initial selection

Docker Targets

  • Allow to specify timezone on nodeJS docker project targets

Server Connect and App FLows Editors in Tab

  • Always available now - No longer in experimental
  • Cleanup panel toolbar and added search filter
  • Add new context menu option to open in Code View
  • Key F12 opens the in Browser now
  • Do not refresh tree selection on target change
  • Fixed editing of the webhooks actions in Server Connect


  • When changing the layout page in the content page through the properties panel, change it also on the routing and page properties.

Fixed issues