Quit on Mac (v4 Beta 7)

Maybe not a bug but slightly annoying, when quitting Wappler from the dock (Right-click on Wappler icon then click Quit) it’s still running in the background and the Wappler icon is visible in the top menu bar.

Surely by quitting from the dock it should quit completely?


Yup. It’s been happening during all the beta. I didn’t report it because it was so obvious I thought it was already on their radar. Probably is.

Actually this is by design.

Wappler does quit, but the smal icon in the tray is left for notifications, updates or quickly starting Wappler.

If you want to quit it as well, choose quit from its context menu.

Sometimes the process(the renderer) stays open and you need to force quit it via Activity Monitor. At least for MacOS(Catalina).