Beta 11: Changing Targets Always opens a Serverconnect tab

Changing targets from say staging to production or the other way around it always opens the last used server connect action in a preview tab. Then you have to close it.

Is this by design for some reason or a bug? It’s kind of a little thing but it’s also annoying.

Do you have the server connect panel open?
Maybe we should auto close the preview tab when you close the server connect panel.

Changing project also opens up a server connect tab. It is a tiny bit annoying if I’m honest :wink:

Makes no difference if it open or closed.

It seems to happen to the fixed ones too I have open a single fixed tab and the page im working on and wether im in database manager or server connect it always opens the server action up

Still a problem in beta 12.

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I was wondering wether to bump this or not but wasn’t on the fixed list so left it, I can confirm this still happens in beta 12.

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Solved now in Wappler 4 beta 13