Beta 11: Paging Generators Does Not Open

Best shown in video. Hard to describe. You can select paging generator but the UI does not open.

You can close this one. Restarting Wappler brought it back. I noticed a couple other modals stopped working as well so I restarted.

I’ll leave the post up in case it’s something you guys want to investigate. If not this case can be closed.

Edit: Modals crashed a couple more times since I posted. Trying to figure out what I did just before.

I can confirm this has happened to me also. But generally closing the page / closing Wappler does resolve it - so it’s hard to pinpoint what has caused it.

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Please restart with logging, reproduce the problem and add the log generated by submit error report here.

Also does it happen after a long usage of Wappler?
Is it just generators or also other pop-ups like data pickup?

Does it get fixed when you reopen the page or only after Wappler restart?

Yes but not only paging generator .
(Server actions and other client side extensions )

First time it ever happened was after about 7 hours of using Wappler. Then the next two came within 20 minutes of the restart.

I noticed it with the generators and the query builders.

Full Wappler restart.

Try maybe the new beta 12

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Just installed it … the new App Connect Styling looks awesome! :beers:

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The problem still continues . However, I could not understand in which case the problem occurred.
wappler beta 12

Just happened again. This time I couldn’t open the project manager to switch projects. Had to restart Wappler.

I can confirm this is happening a lot in Beta 13. Seems like. the first modal that opens is fine but opening a second one doesn’t work. Have to restart Wappler each time.

So it seems that the initial modal isn’t properly closing or something because a second will not open.

Which modals did you exactly mean Brad? And in steps exactly do you open them?

A small movie will be very helpful

Fixed in Wappler 4 final

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