Wappler 4.0.0 Released

Wappler 4.0.0 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Finally it is here! The long anticipated Wappler 4.0 Release! After an extensive Beta test and with the fantastic help of our community!

Wappler 4 has totally revamped UI and many powerful features, to bring your visual low-code experience to the next level! Check the full list feature in Wappler 4


If you have last Wappler 3 installed, make sure it was the last stable 3.9.9 and it was ran at least once.
Also make sure you have saved all files there.

The new Wappler 4 will be offered as inline update that you can just install. It will auto import the project settings from your Wappler 3.

If you want the Mac M1 native version, you will have to download and install of the special M1 version from https://wappler.io/download/ It will also auto import your previous Wappler 3 project settings.

In case of any install problems just download and install the full version from https://wappler.io/download/

Note the Wappler 4 final installation replaces any Wappler 3 version.

If you have used the Wappler 4 Beta - the beta app will remain installed and will be updated only with future new betas.

What’s new since the last beta:

Bootstrap 5

  • Updated to the latest Bootstrap 5.0.2 final
  • Updated Bootswatch with the latest Bootstrap 5.0.2
  • Updated the Theme Manager with Bootstrap 5.0.2

Welcome Screen

  • Improved Welcome Screen
  • Improved project switching
  • Fixed alt-a and alt-s shortcuts

Project Manager

  • Greatly improved creating new blank NodeJS projects. Now a default main layout and an index content page are auto created and opened
  • Auto add frameworks for both
  • Auto add style file to new main pages or layouts, just like frameworks
  • Added Bootstrap 5 as default for new blank projects with FontAwesome 5
  • Remove the git option for new project - use the “Clone project from Git Repository” for that
  • Hide titlebar open and new project icons when welcome screen is active
  • Improved project refresh after delete

Design View

  • Improved design view loading speed and refreshing

Pages Manager

  • Default to the first layout for new content pages in NodeJS
  • Improved Pages Properties dialog title to comply to the theming

App Connect

  • Do not auto insert ac:route on content pages with NodeJS on save

App Connect Scheduler

  • Improved working inside content views


  • Double click on Mac title bar now maximizes Wappler
  • Prevent popup windows to go under the titlebar
  • Optimize auto including of frameworks on new pages
  • Show login dialog for sites requiring authentication
  • Auto import previous Wappler configuration if it exists on new Wappler 4 installation

Fixed issues