Creating a new Node project is problematic when NodeJS has not been installed

Wappler Version : Wappler 4.0.0 Beta 13
Operating System : Windows 10 pro
Server Model: NodeJS
Database Type: not applicable
Hosting Type: Custom

I decided to uninstall NodeJS from my system so that I could show a How to Create a Node Project video.

In creating the project, Wappler cleverly installed NodeJS. However, the green dot did not appear, nor could I make it appear. The server was not running nor could I make it run.

Frustration led me to delete the project and start over. This time, no problem.

Now I cannot replicate the problem because I do not know where Wappler has installed NodeJS for me to uninstall it.

For me, this is not an issue, but it may be for new Wappler users.

Could you check if this is better in Wappler 4 final, we have improved the nodeJS blank project creation there

Where can I disable/uninstall NodeeJS? It does not feature in the OS’ programs list.

If not was installed by Wappler then it probably used scoop on windows, so to uninstall it just run:

scoop uninstall nodejs

Uninstalled NodeJS, started a new NodeJS project and got this error message

Then pressed Kill local server and Start local server. Now all is well, but not ideal for newbies to follow.

hmm yes normally we run the system check on new node projects, but because you had node installed once and checked, it didn’t ran it again…

will see if we can improve that

Fixed in Wappler 4.0.1

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