Wappler 3.1.0 Released

Wappler 3.1.0 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

We have great improvements for you this week! Now you can finally use custom include paths for your Bootstrap 4 that will enable you to use any ready to go Bootstrap 4 Templates easier to use in Wappler!
See how this is done in Using Bootstrap 4 with Custom Paths

Also we have implemented a brand new S3 Connector for Server Connect to allow you to upload and fully manage files on cloud storage solutions like Amazon AWS S3 and Digital Ocean Spaces!
Setup your S3 Cloud Storage on AWS S3 or Digital Ocean Spaces
and then learn how to Use the S3 Connector in Wappler

Next to all those great new features we have also many improvements in routing in NodeJS as well working with components on content pages.

Bootstrap 4

  • Add support for custom Bootstrap 4 include paths
  • The custom Bootstrap 4 custom includes as new Bootstrap 4 type “Custom”
    Also you need to choose only the BS4 css and js files and the chosen one are used and not touched
  • Allow to switch between custom Bootstrap 4 and regular

S3 Connector for NodeJS and PHP

  • New extension for complete management of Amazon S3 compatible storage. Supports providers like Amazon AWS S3 or Digital Ocean Spaces.
  • Rich actions available for Server Connect to fully manage your buckets and files
  • Full signing support for secure download of files - now you can generate secure temporally links
  • Full Support for NodeJS and PHP - thanks to the AWS SDK. The SDK is included in the NodeJS packages and for PHP a stripped down version for just S3 is support is included
  • Added prefix option to S3 list Files - to list files with specific prefix, or folder path
  • Standardize the date output between nodeJS and PHP

Routing Manager

  • When new route is generated now the routing file is auto uploaded to the remote server. In case of NodeJS the remote server is also auto restarted so that the new route becomes directly acitve.
  • Automatically insert the ac:route meta parameter for NodeJS content pages based on layouts, fixes #22710


  • Upload of single files now also auto restarts the NodeJS server, so changes are immediately visible
  • Implemented adding Server Connect actions as additional custom routes. Note Server Connect routes are already auto added, this is used only if you need custom routing links for specific server connect actions
  • Implemented redirect routes. Now you can specify that a route path redirects to other path or full url

Design View & Content Pages

  • Improved rendering and inserting of App Connect components with external includes in Content Pages
  • Improved the insert component includes on main page when the page was not open yet - now it auto opens the page and performs the inserts

App Connect Flow Bootbox

  • Removed the escape option for the standard boxes as it was wrong

Fixed bugs