Wappler 6.0.0 Beta 8 Released

Wappler 6.0.0 Beta 8 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 6.0.0 Beta 8 from your Account Dashboard
Latest stable version is also available there.

Note: Wappler Beta runs as a separate app, so you can have both stable and beta installed, but please run them one at the time.

What's New

In Wappler 6 beta 7 we have futher improved our Server Connect Flow Designer and also implement the same Flow Designer for Page and App Flows! So now you can enjoy the same great visual flow designer for all your flows in Wappler.

Furthermore we have improved the Server Connect Editor with better drag and drop and also implemented multiple selection by drawing a selection rectangle.

Mobile Development with Capacitor is now also greatly improved by allowing you to automatically update the Capacitor version and also run the migration automatically, so that your project is converted to the new version. See Updating Capacitor Projects in Wappler 6

Also the Docker Desktop support on Mac and Linux has been improved to also work with user Docker socket instead of root, so that the local docker connections also work without root access.

We will be working on rewriting some of the Wappler editor core next week, so we can improve the performance and stability of the editor. So there will be no update next week.

App Connect Flows

  • Implement for the new Flow Editor for Page and App Flows

Server Connect Flow Designer

  • Improved styling and drag and drop behavior
  • Implemented drag canvas with alt (left-opt on mac) + mouse drag
  • Implemented multiple selection by drawing a selection rectangle
  • Make the new Flow View the default and change the toggle to a tree icon, so it can be switched to the tree view

Server Connect Editor

  • Add also actions picker panel for the trree views so you can drag actions from it
  • Greatly improved the drag and drop experience also in the tree view

Docker Desktop

  • Improve the Docker Desktop support on Mac and Linux to also work with user Docker socket instead of root, so that the local docker connections also work without root access
  • Added also support for user docker socket on Mac and Windows for Resource Manager, Projects Targets and Docker Service Terminal

Mobile Development

  • Improve the Capacitor support and update. Now when running update command from the toolbar it will update the Capacitor version but also run migration so that your project is converted to the new version.
  • Update required node modules only if they are older version
  • Implemented automatic Capacitor migration
  • Improved Java detection of Java and JDK bundled in Android Studio Giraffe
  • Improved installed node modules versions comparison
  • Greatly improve the plaform update action to do a major Capacitor update and migration automatically if available, after confirmation. Otherwise just minor update the platform files if available

NodeJS Support

  • Smarter update node modules, only if they have older version

Ngrok Support

  • Updated Ngrok to support the latest version of their tunnel and different hosting domains that they offer depending on the free or paid plans.

App Connect 2.0 beta 13

  • Normalize values for form elements


  • Implemented new local source maps for App Connect per component

Fixed issues


But wait there is more!

Wappler 6.0.0 Beta 8

We have some new Capacitor fixes as well great improvements for new PHP based projects.

Also we have updated all App Connect 2 beta extensions to fully include source maps for all components, so you can now debug your App Connect 2 projects with ease.

Mobile Development

  • Improved creation of new Capacitor based Mobile projects, to be default at Capacitor 5 and also do quicker initial installation.

PHP Projects

  • Set default new PHP projects to use www as web root folder
  • Add support for Docker deployments with different web root
  • Improved also the Wappler Local PHP Server to run under web root folders if specified
  • Set default to use composer on new PHP Projects
  • Set default PHP Version to 8.2 on new Docker projects using PHP
  • Improved local Development Docker deployments for projects with web root specified

App Connect 2.0 beta 14

  • Fixed issue with fetch/api action when no headers option is set
  • Only run autorun once
  • Show flow load errors in console

Server Connect 3.0.2

  • Fixed a PHP only issues when using parseJSON in server actions

Update Extensions for App Connect 2 beta

  • Animate CSS, Autocomplete, Background Video, Bootstrap 4 Collapse and Modals, Bootbox 4 and 5, Bootstrap 4 Toasts
  • App Connect Flow, Browser Info, Data Store, Data Traversal, Data Formatters, Masonry, PouchDB, Preloader, Routing, Sockets, State management,
  • Tagify, Date Picker

Fixed issues