App Flows do not work in Beta channel

Wappler Version : 5.8.2 & 6.0.0 beta 4
Operating System : Windows 11
Server Model: Capacitor / Node
Database Type: N/A
Hosting Type: N/A

Expected behavior

App Flows should work in Beta channel

Actual behavior

App Flows do not work

How to reproduce

The video below shows Stable channel first (disregard the content length highlights as that is for another issue), then switches to Beta. In Stable, you will see the App Flow triggering the steps in it, but when switching to Beta the steps in the App Flow do not fire at all.

Bumping for assignment.

Could you check that this is still the case with the latest app connect 2 beta 13?

Hi @George, it is still not working. Also, here’s a little more detail.

As an example, here are two different processes I have in my mobile app that use Page Flows and App Flows.

Process 1 with a Page Flow:

  1. A Server Connect runs on page load and on success three additional Server Connects and one App Flow (ContactsFlow) run. In this process the flow is a Page Flow and this works in Stable and Beta channels.


The Contact endpoint is fired from the ContactsFlow page flow that triggers a Server Connect.

Process 2 with two App Flows and one Page Flow that triggers another App Flow with Server Connect and API steps:

  1. A Server Connect runs on page load and on success two App Flows and one Page Flow (InboxFlow) run. In this process none of the flows appear to trigger the steps in the Flows in the Beta channel.


Here is the Stable channel showing the steps that fire after the Flows

Could you check if lastError of the app flow contains an error message.

@patrick. Didn’t know that was a setting. Here you go.

Fixed in the latest beta.

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Thank you!!! Works great.

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