Ngrok tunnel URL is null

Wappler 5.8.1
Ngrok 3.3.1

ngrok tunnel URL is null, can’t preview pages because it opens

Is it the preview in browser link broken? Is the link in the terminal/bottom panel correct?

Yes, it worked briefly, but then for no reason stopped working and opens:

I’ve already restarted Wappler, still not working

The one in ngrok’s console? It’s showing ok

Maybe it’s the “” domain it’s not parsed by Wappler?

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How’d you get grok to use the same domain instead of having it change every time it closes? I just got a paid account with a reserved edge but in Wappler it keeps giving me a new one every time I start ngrock

Can you open a new topic?

P.S.: I don’t know how to solve your issue :frowning:

I figured it out. Just create an edge on ngorck then punch this into terminal the command it gives you into the terminal

Fixed in Wappler 6 beta 7

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