Wappler 5.5.1 Released

Wappler 5.5.1 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 5.5.1 from your Account Dashboard

Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What's New

It is finally here! Full Wappler Extensibility with Custom App Connect Components and Wappler Extensions!

Add your own components to Wappler and use the full power of Wappler’s UI to build your own interfaces within Wappler!

Share your work with others! You can fully make your own custom App Connect Components and package and publish them directly to NPM so that other users can use them as well.

So start now Building Custom App Connect Extensions
and also see the power of Wappler UI App Connect UI Controls Reference

Further more we have also many improvements in Git Manager, File Manager and specially Wappler Terminals where we have a major upgrade to improve speed and rendering. Terminal picks now all graphic symbols and special prompt customization, so it looks fantastic specially on the Mac.

Wappler Extensibility

  • New Extensions list in the project options. There you can specify all the needed extensions for the project. Specify npm package names or github links in the form github_user/repo_name
  • All extensions are installed as dependencies
  • New extensions are auto installed on project settings save
  • Removed from the project extensions list they will be auto uninstalled on project settings save
  • Projects that use extensions have to have Web Root options specified in their project options so that there is a www root and the extensions can be placed in a project node_modules
  • Load the custom App Connect components now from the definitions installed as extensions in the project
  • Allow to add project folder as Wappler extension. Usually when the extension is still in development or for local only extensions
  • Add option to create a New Local Wappler extensions in the project options for Extensions. So now it is super easy to get started with extensions, just pick a sub folder in your project and the needed package.json initial extension structure willl be created and extension will be installed for this project.
  • Automatic extensions UI rules refresh after installation or removal of the extensions from the project settings.
  • Reload page icon in the App Structure toolbar now also refresh the extension rules.

App Connect

  • Improved automatic linking and file copy of App Connect components on content linked head pages
  • Improved Custom App Component extensions structure
  • Initial support for dynamically loading custom App Connect extensions.

App Connect Flows

  • Pass event parameters also to inline flows

Wappler Terminals

  • Greatly improved the Wappler Terminals with the latest version of xterm v5, delivering superb speed increase and better WebGL rendering
  • Improved automatic resizing of the terminal to always fit well the available size and pass that to the underlying terminal.
  • Improved language encoding on Windows terminal to be UTF-8 so that all graphical characters are displayed well now.
  • Updated the terminal font to be the latest Delugia Mono Complete
  • Preload the terminal font on startup for even faster speed

Git Manager

  • Improved handling of branch switching and database changes, when those doesn’t exist in other branch

File Manager

  • Added support for symlinks in the File Manager tree view. Now those have a nice link icon on right and can be opened further if they are linking to folders for example.

Design View

  • Improve re-rendering of App Connect components when static attributes change


  • Fixed JSON parsing for SQLite and drivers that do not support direct JSON.

Server Connect

  • Made the group action available for all server models, not just NodeJS but also PHP, ASP.NET and Classic ASP
  • When refreshing server connect panel now also refresh the extension rules.

Server Side Data Bindings

  • Improved server side data bindings picker on layout pages that have Server Connect selected

Framework 7

  • Optimized Framework 7 rules


  • Optimized rendering and refreshing of App Connect property panel, to be more faster.

Routing Manager

  • Watch the routing file for changes so that the panel is automatically refreshed if changes are made by external programs or by git checkout for example

Fixed issues


But wait there is more :slight_smile:

Update to 5.5.1 with two urgent fixes for the Routing Manager and Content Pages parameters editing.
Should be all well now.

Fixed issues