Wappler 5.4.3 Released

Wappler 5.4.3 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 5.4.3 from your Account Dashboard

Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What's New

This week we have greatly improved the Docker deploys for NodeJS, to be incredible fast, for all remote servers. Also the creation of cloud servers has been greatly improved now in the new Resource Manager with more power, security and stability.

The Database Query builder is now also improved to show you the exact SQL query generated in the specific SQL Dialect for the selected database. Also paged query now can be run with test parameters directly from the query builder dialog, so you can inspect the results.

Furthermore the App Connect Framework7 components has been smoothed up, to also react to the selection in design view and be more responsive to data changes. We have also wrote a great guide to Using Framework7 Components to get you started and to understand well the power of Framework7 specially with App Connect for dynamic data connections.

Also we have greatly improved the CORS settings in Server Connect so that you can add multiple domains or mobile apps that you want to allow the CORS on, or supply * if you want to enable it always.
Also PHP 8.2 compatibility has been added to Server Connect

Docker Manager

  • Greatly optimized NodeJS Docker remote deploy speed. Now the heavy npm install command is run only on initial deploy or when the pack.json is changed. Note you need to resave your project target options, to generate the new optimized docker settings.
  • Improved the “Cleanup Docker” command from the publishing toolbar, now cleans up next to unused images also the builder cache, so it shoud free much more space,

Resource Manager

  • Greatly improved server creation for Digital Ocean and Hetzner.
  • Now we empower a great technology called “cloud-init” for full and reliable server initialization and setup.
  • The new servers are fully setup with automatic updates and latest updates are directly applied, so you are fully secure. Also Swap disk is automatically created so you don’t run out of memory easy, even on small servers.
  • Note: New Server creation might take a bit longer because of the larger setup process. It can take up to 5 minutes on Digital Ocean and 2,5 minutes on Hetzner.

Also you might want to prefer Hetzner as their servers are much cheaper (at least half price), faster and with much more memory than the Digital Ocean ones. Hetzner starts with 2GB memory, while Digital Ocean with just 512MB which is way too little.

Database Query Builder

  • Improved the generated SQL query on the user interface to be exactly in the right dialect of the database. So the user can copy and paste it directly in the database own query builder and run it. Of course parameters needs to be replaced with right values
  • Added support for passing test values to the paged queries offset and limit. Those are now also shown in the Parameters grid
  • The execute query action on the dialog runs now the native query fully with the test parameters and also includes paging in cxase of paged query and where test values for offset or limit are given
  • Use the ? syntax for parameters in the SQL or @pXX for MS SQL Server
  • Generated the right syntax for paged query on MS SQL Server 2012+ when order by is missing

Framework 7

  • Improved automatic component id generation, to not contain dashes
  • Added new Actions Sheet component with groups and buttons inside
  • Improve the Framework7 Picker, Calendar and Autocomplete to be inputs that can be inserted in list item with input
  • Improve Sheet modal to be able contain toolbar as well sheet modal inner for the rest of the content. Also add swipe step to be able to show just a small portion and then swipe it up
  • Display correctly the Calendar, Picker and Autocomplete property inspectors under the inputs
  • Fix double Framework7 component listing

Design View

  • Improved visual editing of Framework7 in content pages
  • Made Framework7 Action Sheet automatically open when selected in design view
  • Allow Action Sheet buttons to be directly editable as inline text in design view when opened
  • Made Framework7 Sheet Modal to automatically open when selected in design view

NodeJS Package Management

  • Make the unused NodeJS module check much smarter to take all targets into account. So now you can have Redis for example on the remote live target only and it will be still added to package.json

Server Connect

  • Allow a comma separated list multiple domains to be specified as CORS origin options in the Server Connect options.
  • Added a shortcut button to Add Mobile list of CORS domains
  • Changed CORS behavior in NodeJS, now allows all origin calls like it should. Was already the case in PHP
  • CORS in PHP - added the Vary: Origin header
  • Improved PHP 8.2 compatibility

App Connect Slideshow

  • Added alt attribute to the images in slideshow

App Connect

  • Improved date parsing

App Connect Tagify

  • Updated to use the jsdelivr cdn network as it is much more reliable. Existing pages will be auto converted on save to use the correct links.

Fixed issues