Wappler updates keep wiping out Redis from package.json

W 4.9.1.
Win 10

I have a project setup, where I don’t use Docker locally, but only for Staging and Production.
I have a Redis turned on, it works normally.

But after Wappler updates (even extensions) Redis wiped out from package.json. So Redis stop working after deployment.

UPD: I have only one project with such a setup so I can’t confirm if this is specific for my project or if it is a common problem.

Just make sure that in Server Connect settings the “use Redis” is on but also for the remote target.


Yes, I have Redis enabled in Prod Target.

But it is disabled in Local Target (Server Type: Own Server).
Maybe that’s the reason?

Had the same issue last week, seems to be fixed but not sure… by manually changing the project config file and resetting the package.json with git

Coming back to this topic again.

I must admit, my initial title and description of the issue was a bit misleading. So I will describe it more clearly this time.

Locally I don’t use Docker, only regular Own/Wappler hosting. So there is no Redis locally installed.
On a remote target I successfully use Docker with Redis (via Docker Machines with generic provider).

So Wappler expects redis-related packages in package.json when working with Remote target.
But the local target thinks that redis-related packages are unnecessary.

When the project is opening, the popup shows with “NodeJS package dependencies has been changed, you need to install…”
And after that, regardless of what I answer, all redis-related packages will be removed from package.json. So I have to add it later manually before deploying to the remote. Or just turn off and on again the Redis in remote target settings to apply these packages.

I assume a solution can be changing package.json on the fly automatically when switching between targets.
But maybe there is another better way to solve this.

Of course I can just start using Docker Desktop, but I just don’t see any reason for that, except the given issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fixed in Wappler 5.4.3

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