Wappler 5.0.0 Beta 6 Released

Wappler 5.0.0 Beta 6 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/beta/

Latest stable 4.9.1 is still available
You can use both at the same time

What’s New

In this Wappler 5 beta we are continuing our design view improvements!

Now introducing whole new working modes!

You can quickly select from the new design view sidebar, to work in edit, inspect or preview mode. In the brand new inspect mode you can quickly preview the site and important attributes of a node but also measure distances relative to the selected node.

Furthermore we have fine tuned our design view selection styling to fully match the selected colour theme in Wappler. Design view has also been very much optimized with great speed boost and selection optimizations.

Also we have fixed many issues reported in the community.

Design View

  • Added new toolbar to design view
  • Multiple modes edit/inspect/preview
  • Improved communication and reliability speed
  • Improved drawing the overlay handlers
  • Reload design view after theme change
  • Elements in design view now use theme colours
  • Improved positioning label inspect mode
  • Changed colour for bootstrap grid overlay
  • Show distance measurement in inspect mode


  • Added back the title bar actions like click on project name to open project manager, edit options and new project.
  • Added SQLite native module for Apple M1 Arm64
  • Improved calling search panel with keyboard shortcuts, giving it focus now

Ngrok integration

  • Improved Ngrok integration to work better with WAMP/MAMP custom local hosts and also improved port usage

App Connect

  • Improved expression updates within repeaters, now recognizes subexpressions better

Fixed issues