Search panel shortcut keys no longer work in 5.0.0 beta 2

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Wappler Version : 5.0.0 Beta 2
Operating System : Windows 11
Server Model: PHP
Database Type: MySQL
Hosting Type: custom

Expected behavior

Ctrl+Alt+F should open the search panel

Actual behavior

The shortcut keys no longer work

How to reproduce

Presumably this is due to this change:

Place the File Search panel inside the Site manager<

I wouldn’t have known where it was before, but this probably makes sense.

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This was fixed in Beta 4 - at least, almost. Unfortunately, the cursor no longer appears in the search field by default. This was implemented in 4.4.0 after a long wait - it would be great if it could be reinstated.

The shortcuts keys have changed from Ctrl+Alt+F to Ctrl+Shift+F. Perhaps this is related. (I preferred the previous Ctrl+Alt+F, but it’s not much of an issue.)

Fixed in Wappler 5.0.0 Beta 6

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