Wappler 4.5.0 Released

Wappler 4.5.0 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

With the new year 2022, we have great new Wappler major update!
Mobile development is greatly revamped with the new integration of the native runtime platform Capacitor! See Setting Up a Mobile Project with Capacitor

Even if you have your projects based on Cordova, you can now quickly and easy switch to Capacitor, see Updating Cordova Projects to Capacitor

Also the great mobile design framework, Framework7 is updated to the latest major version 6 and a lot of brand new App Connect data driven components are included.
Now you can easily create visually astonishing gauges, progress bars, notifications, Are and Pie Charts and so much more! So building full blown mobile apps has never been easier!

Furthermore our NodeJS implementation is improved to handle fonts drawing server side with Image Processor. And if you use docker those fonts are even auto installed for you.

Also for PHP we have improved a lot our Docker setup as well improved support for extended Apache caching modules like mod_cache.

And last but not least a lot of issues reported in our community has been resolved and extensions updated, to deliver you the smoothest Wappler experience!

Mobile Development

  • Added full support for the new Capacitor runtime, next to Cordova
  • Now you can fully build your mobile and desktop apps with the brand new Capacitor technology, giving you the most reliable building tools
  • You can select in your project options which runtime you want to use, Capacitor or Cordova
  • Improve the design view switch for rendering of iOS, Android or Desktop apps
  • Auto add frameworks for the Bootstrap based blank mobile and desktop projects
  • Removed unnecessary folders for blank mobile and desktop projects
  • Now allow to select the runtime on new blank mobile and desktop projects. Default to Capacitor now
  • Improved system check to directly install all the requirements for Capacitor
  • Runtime framework (Cordova or Capacitor) can also be changed in the project options on existing projects
  • Default new Framework7 project to version 6
  • Require the new Android SDK Command-line Tools (latest) to be installed in Android Studio.
  • Improve parsing of the current emulation target

Capacitor support

  • Added automatic Capacitor install for the project on switching to Capacitor from Cordova in the project options
  • Default to the web target in Capacitor as it is always available
  • Auto create a capacitor.config.json on new projects after system check, if it doesn’t exists
  • When switching mobile target auto install the right capacitor plugin for the target
  • Set the web platform as default and do not allow to delete it
  • Run capacitor update together with npm updates, no need for separate info and update icons like in Cordova
  • Allow web target update - will sync the web files with capacitor
  • Run on the web target will now sync and open in browser
  • Default target is now web - you can add additional targets like iOS and Android from the targets dropdown menu
  • Improved Android system check - now only Android Studio is needed for Capacitor. Android Studio takes care of the rest
  • Improved Electron target integration, now builds and run directly the Electron app
  • Added link to Electron platform guide
  • Improve automatic detection of Android Devices
  • Improved run emulator without specific selection
  • Install directly the needed Capacitor core packages when switching to capacitor
  • Improved and simplified system check - on MacOS only require XCode and Cocoapods
  • Improved Android JDK check and usage from the Android studio on the Mac
  • Improved Capacitor Android error reporting, now it shows the error for example missing SDK or too new SDK
  • Improved display of available emulators for both iOS and Android
  • Added support for running Electron apps directly from the toolbar
  • Improved platform removal
  • Added also the capacitor as Framework


  • Added support for the new Cordova 11
  • Latest Android SDK Command Line tools are needed for Cordova
  • For Android use the latest command line build tools. Those work with the latest Java 11 and can be easily installed from Android Studio from SDK Tools/Android SDK Command-line Tools (latest)
  • Improved support for projects containing spaces in the path name


  • Added latest major Framework7 version 6 for the best mobile experience!
  • Added all new data driven App Connect components for Actions Modals, Area and Pie Charts, Messages, Notifications, Photo Browser, Progressbars, Ranges and Gauge
  • Improved Login Screen with state data and events
  • Improved popup with state data
  • Added new Framework 7 progress bar App Connect component, that has dynamic progress value attribute and actions
  • Updated to the latest version 5.7.14
  • Updated the Framework7 UI icons so they look good with all Wappler themes
  • Improved toggle icon

Automatic Developer Tools Installs on MacOS

  • Improved the automatic installs with Homebrew on MacOS
  • Improved software updates with Homebrew
  • When using Docker - now require and install the full docker desktop on Mac
  • Improved installation and version check of the new Stripe CLI

Design View

  • Improve automatic refreshing of dynamic App Connect components on their property changes.
  • Toggle viewport option after framework detection

Project Updater

  • Also add new files to the Server Connect updates list, not only updates. Solved in NodeJS missing memoryStore problem.


  • Improved automatic adding of used node modules, now also for custom extensions
  • Improved the adding and clearing of the optional JWT module
  • Add support for TTF fonts drawing with the Image Processor

Docker Manager

  • Set the correct permissions for the User Uploads folder in PHP, if specified

    Note: This is only for new deploys and also only for PHP - existing deployments should change the permissions manually, by running in the web server console:
    chown www-data:www-data /var/www/html/uploads chmod g+w /var/www/html/uploads

    Where uploads is your user uploads folder. Change if necessary

  • Add the User Uploads folder to .dockerignore so the local doesn’t get copied to remove docker deploys and also the right permissions are set

File Manager

  • Greatly speedup file manager initial render and loading speed

Database Manager

  • Added support for Passphrase when using private keys and SSH Tuneling in Database Connections


  • Updated the internal file handling module for better system performance and lock handling on Windows
  • Improved tray progress messages

Image Processor 1.3.0

  • New background color for save to JPEG options
  • Implemented writing text and fonts for NodeJS

Server OAuth2 Connector

  • Improved oauth2 when server is behind proxy in PHP

Server Connect, Security Provider and OAuth2 Connector

  • Improved redirect in Security Provider PHP, so it will never be cached by bad caching implementation like mod_cache in Apache.
  • Improved color picker on UI

App Connect 1.11

  • Improved formatters and date parsing

Docker NodeJS

  • Automatically install TTF fonts listed in the /fonts project folder, so they can be used.
  • Support installing fonts on both Debian and Alpine based NodeJS based OS

Fixed issues