Expandable input fields in the elements properties

it will be great if we have more than one small line to inter our values in the element properties.
a small icon that will open a small window when needed with multiple lines text editor will make it much more convenient

Hi @mrbdrm
Can you please explain a little more detailed what and where do you need to enter, so that you need larger field?

Hey @Teodor
well for example the static event property when i need to inter javascript.
and for the text property of paragraph. its much faster to see the full value entered instead of clicking on the lightning icon then clicking on the formatter icon.
also the formatter cant display complex and long formatting so its better to have a text alternative available

I have mentioned this before. I can’t find the thread, but I think I included some screenshots. There are many cases throughout the UI, where this is a problem and slows things down. Eg:

viewing classes:

dynamic events:

… and in server connect:

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exactly what i mean.
in most cases i have to use a text editor to do my editing then past it in wappler.

Here is another example where this is needed. In the Query Builder, I can’t see the entire name of the columns I’m filtering on. I’m sure other people have this issue as well. Not good UI.

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This topic is perhaps the best example of problems with Feature Requests. The current topic was created almost two years ago but has only been given 2 votes. However, it is an issue which crops up frequently - sometimes as a Feature Request, sometimes just a comment, sometimes it appears in a slightly different context. It has attracted a lot more than 2 votes.

The issue has been tweaked from time to time, but it's never been resolved. Using one of the examples I gave earlier in this thread, the current situation is quite a bit worse: very few of the most significant characters are visible and there is much unused space. However a plus is that there are alternative options, like viewing the expression in a new window (pencil icon).
I have no doubt the Wappler team are aware of this problem with the UI. As a feature of such a generally great UI, it stands out. I think there must be some fundamental reason which makes it difficult to fix or at least improve. If the muddle with the requests has meant it has for some reason not been sufficiently on the radar, here is a selection of related threads. Some are marked as 'implemented', but the issues are still there:


I totally agree with Tom.

Let me suggest something from a very personal perspective, knowing full well that many in the forum may disagree. I don’t intend to stir up a values / preferences discussion, and I don’t mean to screw up those that are waiting for some specific new feature.

I’d rather go for a couple of weeks without any “new and cool” features (NodeJS, DB Mgmt, etc.) --and I mean it: NONE– and have some serious development cycles focused on improving Wappler’s UI, fixing bugs and annoyances, and documenting its many features.

In his message above, and along with those from many other people’s,TomD was kind enough to include my personal pet peeves and suggestions. There’s a plethora of opportunities to make a great product even better!

I honestly believe that the payback in everybody’s time is going to be huge, not only for us users but also for the Wappler team who won’t have to answer the same things over and over.

As said, a rather personal view…

Many thanks!



I’d also like to have a fix and improve Wappler handling round instead of complete new features. For example the whole find/replase engine is completely unusable for bigger projects, we can’t even find multiple lines of code.

Or opening files in code view instead of design view is still not possible.

Having troubles with too narrow UI fields should also really be fixed first.

George: why not collect all the “basic” Wappler “bugs” from user prespectives and fix them before releasing new features? That should not last more than 1-2 weeks but make Wappler much more usable.

We do appreciate your feedback and ideas about the UI tweaks and will definitely get to those.

It is just that we are now focused on a big features for the 3.0 release because they have a huge UI and workflow changes so we have to get those right first. They also have a huge impact on the Wappler’s working and usage.

After the 3.0 release we will have all the time to focus on perfection of all those smaller UI improvements with the weekly updates.


Thanks for your great work, George. You and your team are making an excellent job.

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Totally agree with everyone here. Widths of fields and incorrect code created by the menu system are driving me a bit nutty at the moment as I dive deep into creating functionality, especially on the server side.

Glad to hear it will become a priority George! :slight_smile:

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I almost missed this topic… Very important! My support!

Hi @George,
I think I echo everyone else’s sentiments when I say that we are grateful and in awe fo how much functionality and improvements have been added to Wappler to make it ever more valuable. You and your team do wonderful job! :clap: :clap:
I do, however, agree with the posts above that the little annoyances have built recently (which I completely understand as you are releasing V3). I will be looking forward to a ‘consolidation phase’ of fixes once the V3 beta is over and the team can spend time on refinement.

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