Increase properties field width

It would help if the width of the property field would be wider and/or dynamic to 100% window width

Hi @swf, I am not sure what you mean.

Are you talking about the Server Actions and App Structure property windows at the bottom of the left and right side? They are drag-able to whatever width you would like.

Or do you mean something else?

Hi scott. I’m talking about this field:

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Ok, now I understand. :slight_smile: Thank you.

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I think this is general issue which has been raised a few times (eg here and here). It’s one of those requests which might be best combined with other threads to get a better idea of the interest (both of the linked threads have a number of votes).

While it applies to Server Connect - as in the screenshot above - I think it equally applies to App Connect. Below are some examples where parameters/values etc. can’t be viewed without clicking into the field and moving the cursor, or copy/pasting the contents into a text editor (which is what I often do).

I’m sure this is not an easy issue to resolve, given it has to accommodate small screen sizes etc… Perhaps it would not be so difficult to add a hover feature to display all of the text where it’s otherwise hidden. This would be very helpful.

App Connect - field width examples, where contents is not fully visible:

Hi, can we have more spaces for App Structure / DOM inputs. I wish they are expandable further along as the App Structure / DOM panel being expanded. And for Static Events, it will be much helpful if the input can be expanded and resized like textarea input. Thanks in advance for consideration. :blush:

This issue has been raised quite a few times. I would have thought this is a problem for most people, but the voting is misleading as it’s spread across multiple topics.

I suggested in yesterday’s topic about this that the votes/topics should be merged.


Ah yes, thank you for pointing to that. Actually I’ve searched the topic before posting this without having idea of the right keywords for it.

Headed there and voted!

Topics merged :slight_smile:


Thanks Teodor. This brings the total votes to 8.

If the ‘Server Connect properties width’ votes were added, this would bring the total to 18. There is at least one other topic which relates directly to this, so the actual number should be quite a bit higher - but I appreciate it wouldn’t be sensible or practical to merge all requests which are related or overlap with others.


This is now improved in Wappler 2.2.3


I don’t see a difference in MacOS version.