Wappler Roadmap 2022/2023 and beyond

With Wappler we try to give you the latest and hot technologies but also listen carefully to our community and your wishes and needs you have.

The feature requests from the community are a great driving force but also the arising new technologies.

As core development team in Wappler we keep track of many technologies that we already have integrated or want to integrate in Wappler.

So our roadmap is actually pretty dynamic and can change quickly over time, but still with this post I would like to give you more insights of our plans with Wappler and new directions we are heading.

There is no guarantee that all listed features will all make as priorities might change overtime and new features added, but at least you have a bit an overview of the direction we are heading.

Listed features are in no particular order, where possible I will indicate percentage completed and quarter we target the release of the feature.

Moving forward to Composable Architecture [Q1/Q2’23+]

Everything can be build from components these days. Components help also isolate functionality and promote reuse. We already use many ready to go components in Wappler and have extensibility in place for easy component creation.

As we are opening more and more this extensibility, we will be automating the component creation itself, so eventually you will be able to create components just as you create content pages and reuse them just as easy in your projects.

  • A whole new components panel to define project wide components for reuse.
  • Move more forward to projects with components composition building.
  • So you are actually primarily building components and then just combine them together on pages.
  • Components can have html template so are in general just like snippets or component with rules and user defined properties and data.
  • You can also define the components nesting rules as well.
  • So basically the same components rules (see Extensibility) are defined as now but then by the user visually per project.

Design Improvements

We want to improve your design productivity by supplying more bigger ready to go design blocks and also better visual editors for them. Also we want to make Wappler more and more designers friendly.

Extended Visual Editing and Blocks [Q4’22+]

  • Add new library with visual ready to go Bootstrap blocks and ready to go pages.
  • Extend design view so those sections can be edited on the main level
  • Add more visual sections dividers as components, like SVG backgrounds and patterns
  • Release weekly new design blocks
  • Improve design view inline inspectors
  • Add more inline inspectors

Global Layout Builder [Q1-Q2’23+]

  • Add global wizards for choosing design and layouts
  • Add site global menu builder

Extend Assets Manager

  • Add more photo and stock photo providers like Unsplash

Add SVG Support

  • Add more design view SVG Editing possibilities
  • Maybe integrate separate SVG editor as tab

Deployment and Release

Deployment workflows are now done with multiple separate actions and can be cumbersome. We want to improve that by build a central more goal oriented deployment workflow

Also we need more general functionality on Release like build/compile and automatic image optimization.

Improved Deployment workflow - New Publish manager, implemented in Wappler 5.2.5

  • Choose target to deploy
  • Apply automatically database changes on deploy
  • When deploying added automatic commit to git and release tag
  • on FTP targets choose which files to upload

Deploy to more providers

  • Add more providers like Vercel and Netlify

Build New Release Manager

  • To allow you easily revert back to previous releases

Add Extended Release Actions

  • Add customizable build process, with tools like Webpack/Vite/Esbuild
  • Add also image optimizations tools

Mobile Development

Extended Capacitor integration [Q4’22 - 80% complete]

  • Add support for capacitor plugins and automatic install of those
  • Make core capacitor plugins as App Connect components
  • Extend App Connect to work and initialize much better on mobile
  • Add SQLite for mobile/desktop integration
  • Add support for PouchDB databases [Q4’22 - 50% complete]
  • Extend App Flows to work with database actions

Database Manager

The Database Manager is becoming a main drive force in Wappler and that is why it sees continuously improvements. It will support more and more databases but also become a central store for metadata that will feed all upcoming generators.

General Improvements

  • Add more ready to go data sample sets
  • Improve migration generation
  • Add special migrate options for mobile SQLite projects

More Databases Support

  • Add support for PouchDB and CouchDB schema definitions

Backup Manager

  • Add cross database solution to make or restore full database backups

Extended Metadata for CRUD and UI generators [Q4+22, 60% complete]

  • Store more schema metadata per fields and tables to feed later on automatic generation of CRUD and UI

Resource manager

The Resource Manager is becoming a central place to organize all your hosting and cloud resources and deploy. So it also gets continuously new additions.

More Cloud Providers

  • Add more cloud providers
  • Add Git Providers like Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket and use bind them also directly to the project as remote git repositories.
  • Add S3 Providers and use them directly as S3 options

App Connect

Wappler UI Improvements

  • Next to the standard Data Bindings Pickers, offer also Logical Expressions Pickers for more conditional expressions with AND, OR and NOT. Based on the Query Builder conditionals visual builder

More App Connect Components

  • Add Leaflet with OpenStreetMap as Google Maps alternative [Q3’22, 70% complete]
  • Add TinyMCE as App Component [Q3, 22, 70% complete]
  • Add Tagify Sortable
  • Elements Draggable/Sorting extension
  • Parallax Scroll extension
  • Replacement for Moment.js
  • Client Side image resizing. To be also combined with App Flow actions client side

Server Connect

Extended Server Connect functions

  • Add support for case and else if functionality

General improvements of the Server Connect Editor

  • Move to library action
  • Copy and Paste of server actions
  • Undo/Redo

More Server Connect Actions

  • Generic SOAP Client
  • XML Export/import for NodeJS
  • Mockup / Rondom Data Extension

Database Connectivity and Query Builder

  • Add extensive support for JSON queries and native data

New visual flow based editor

  • work on a compete new visual, flow based editor for the server connect actions. To be used as additional view. Also use the same for the client side App Flows.

Improve authentication workflow and security

  • 2FA Passwordless login
  • Support for Passport.js or NodeJS, search for alternatives for PHP

New Server Models [long term]

  • Add support for GO
  • Add support .NET 6 (pka .NET Core)

Deprecate Server Models

  • Deprecate Classic ASP [Q1’23]

Design Time Data Editor

  • Add a Design Time Data option to each data source
  • Open a simple table editor based on the schema of the data source and add/edit the test data
  • Maybe allow some simple generators to run for sample data
  • Add a right panel on the schema editors for editing the data in a grid

Design Time Data Chooser

  • Allow to switch each data source component to a different set of design time data. For example empty, few records, many records (for paging)

Site sets of Design Time Data

  • Allow to group all the different data sources Design Time Data in a global set - and then allow it to switch on app level

Usage in Flows

  • Also within the flow add Design Time Data per Data component with meta data.


  • Allow users to create custom App Connect components with their own UI
  • Provide special packaging format and instructions to generate installer files that can be just dropped on Wappler for install
  • Allow extending of design frameworks, so people can also add their own frameworks
  • Automate the extension creation and reuse with the composable architecture.

General Features

  • Add support for static site generators
  • Add support for MJML for mail templates
  • Add support for multiple main windows / projects open
  • Add PWA Support

Onboarding and Wappler Docs

  • Improve Wappler onboarding with more step by step guides and inline help
  • Include Wappler Docs as panel in Wappler
  • Improve, Reorganize and restyle Wappler Docs site

Subscriptions and Wappler Account

  • Add easy subscription type change options [Q3’22, 90% done]
  • Add options to get extra licenses [Q3’22, 90% done]
  • Implement new Wappler Referral program [Q1-Q2’23]

Thank you for taking time to write this.

The components builder plan imo is really huge, I’m using a 3rd party components library and it saves hours in design time, and makes everything consistent.

We could also easily share components within the community so there could be many “building blocks” to choose from


Thanks for hearing out @George. Much appreciated.

It’s great to have an insight of what is actually on your whiteboard and what is coming next.

This way we can plan our projects for the next 6-12 months knowing what we can do with Wappler and what we need to delegate to other tech.


Components, this will be a wow feature for me : D


I believe you meant “Passport.js on NodeJS”.


This is excellent @George. And what a list! It’s very brave making it public because it’s bound to get responses of ‘but what about…?’

So, I’m pre-empting my question… what about PouchDB? Is that still planned? It was imminent just over 2 years ago:


You don’t use a Kanban board or something between the team to know what you’re working on at the moment? :slight_smile:

That’s what I was hoping to look at

Of course we’re using Trello, but that’s for our own internal use. The text above summarizes it :slight_smile:


Good catch indeed, I will add it to the list as it is still planed and actually done for 50%


We use indeed Trello internally but it is quite specific for internal use. The list above is actually an extraction from it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the list. I have no idea what 100% of it means but thanks again. :wink:

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…Design Improvements - Global Layout Builder - Add SVG Support - Extended Visual Editing and Blocks…

THAT’S SO COOL!! I’ve been dreaming of a more “designers friendly” Wappler :heart_eyes: :grinning:


Thank you @George for taking the time to write this and give us an insight of what is being planned / developed for the upcoming versions of Wappler :slightly_smiling_face:

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haha my thought exactly!

Thanks for sharing the roadmap! Components will be a game changer for me, something I’ve been missing. I’d also love to see asynchronous processes handled in Server Connect (Ken’s Bull Queue solution would be an awesome addition to the core product). Keep up the good work!


Thank You very kindly for providing such insight & clarity. That is very helpful & welcome. It provides great confidence in the program & company, unlike Another big name software company has left web designers very confused & frustrated as to any sense of direction. While Wappler seems to be very organized & clear on keeping up with current web standards, the other big name software company has failed spectacularly with staying current & providing leadership. Well Done Wappler Team!!! :muscle:


Yes! Love this!

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Great Vision! Really inspiring! Unmatched software! Long live Wappler! Looking forward to the Extended Metadata for CRUD and UI generators, already 60% complete.


Thank you for your wonderful work. !!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

I see great things are on the way to make things easier for us. But for the mobile apps I’ve seen here, Flutter/dart actually seems to be a much better option. ( I’ve been interested in flutter for a while and I’m getting really amazing results ) @George , you should definitely check out Flutter - Dart and think about it in wappler :slight_smile: ( none of the results I got are like cordova , ionic etc )