Wappler Roadmap 2022/2023 and beyond

Who’s gonna learn/teach a new language Dart, the team is only two developers plus Boris, not better add support for react native? The expo team is finishing working on the file-based expo (react native) router a la next.js, so react web and react (native) mobile is converging, making life easier for developers.
Shopify have open sourced flashList for RN, a very performant list component, also paid developers for skia support in RN, which google is using in flutter for native rendering.

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Thanks for taking the time to post this, it’s great to see our Thursday updates (the highlight of my week) but even better to get a general overlook on the longer-term structure of this great bit of software.

I’m looking forward to many of the items on that list, especially TinyMCE (Summernote is not good), Components upgrades and Capacitor - which is a biggie as most browser-based applications we write need a mobile offering to go with them.

On a side note, I was surprised to see nothing mentioned on charting - we do a lot of data driven work so having a decent charting component is important, the current component from Wappler is very basic, it’d be great to see more native integration for apexcharts which is about the best we’ve used so far.

I’m also interested to see what the moment replacement will be - I was hoping it’d be Luxon but will be happy for anything that works as it should.

All in all, great work from all involved…!

On a side note: I cant wait to have our next ‘First-Friday-of-the-Month’ QandA session with some of our Ambassadors, the most recent one was my first and it was great to spend a little time with everyone.


You have some catching up to do :slight_smile:

Boris is no longer part of Wappler since a few years and…

So 5 in total.


Ups, my bad, was thinking of Theodor, but wrote Boris. Not good, not good, need to access wappler forum more often.
Regarding the roadmap, what are your preferences, JonL, SOAP? Seems so stone age, the big hype in JS community these days is trpc, but George said that wappler will not have TS support. Flutter? Or maybe RN for mobile in addition to the capacitorjs. My preference is the App Connect extension, but there is need some tweaking from the team in order to make sure metaframework paradigm a la nextjs, remix or solidstart with support for ssr streaming will work.

For a moment I thought it was some joke about Boris Johnson :rofl:


The only SOAP I play with nowadays is Mactavish. It brings me very bad SAP memories. Worse than those involving Makarov.

I am one of those lucky guys who doesn’t have to do mobile so I have no real preference. Flutter seems nice although it’s not web tech so I don’t know how that would fit.

I agree with the others, the custom components feature will be a game changer. Looking forward to the draggable and sorting extension as well so I don’t have to implement it myself. So excited about all the announcements on here. Can’t wait!

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Thank you for writing this out!

It has made me excited again for upcoming updates. Lots of stuff on here, especially the components, server connect improvements and deployment stuff will make a huge difference to me.

Very excited :smiley: !

-multi screen support can be nice.(being able to extend our files, server actions, app flow and etc. on multiple screens)
-being able to open multiple wappler instances to access multiple projects at the same time in different windows.
-maximixing the selector pop up windows to full screen (like data bindings window, server data bindings, properties windows and many others which can not be resizable), can be very usefull cause entering multiple rows of data is not being easy to follow up.
-step by step (Server model = PHP to Server Model = Node.js) conversation from our old PHP server to new NODE.js will be very usefull


Any plan to update the charts app connect?


Thank you to the Wappler team for the work put into this. While I’m sure you have it in your own internal works, it still appreciated to see it out in public.

I started with 4.0 and the frustration of learning that interface with only 3.0 training materials pushed my patience beyond conversation. Training materials OUTSIDE of what community members provide will deliver more subscribers and thus the dollars to address the Roadmap.

Thank you again for the efforts


Thank you Wappler team for this amazing tool and up-to-date post!

Thanks, @George and the rest of the team.

May I ask which 3rd party library you’re using?

It’s very simple to use and till now didn’t have any issues. The doc is quite clear on how to set the components up, let me know if you have questions

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These have been extremely important to me for a really long time and would love to finally see them added.


I have no words to say how special Wappler is in my life, thank you Wappler team for making me a better programmer with this tool.


I can only says that words of @AdrianoLuiz are valid for me too!


Great! Please stay on course with Ionic Capacitor and maturing Mobile App development with native plugins (w/ Capacitor plugins) app stores deployments. We badly need full Capacitor adoption within the Wappler.

Currently, there is nothing like the Wappler out there in the market, and adding a robust Mobile app native publishing for both iOS/Android devices will make it a highly desirable tool for all developers across any market. Thank you :pray:



Just reminded of an old issue for myself - images control at the client side. Seems like a critical issue to just about every website and as Wappler users we’re forced to find outside solutions.

The feature request for this goes back several years.