Welcome our new core team members!

I’m happy to announce that the Wappler core team is expanding and getting two new valuable members!

So please welcome @Romy and @dre97 !

Romy is our new young creative talent that will help Wappler design tools to evolve to the next level. She is also a great metalhead and loving the hard beats, talking with Teodor on the same level :slight_smile:

Dre is actually doing a master thesis graduation assignment for Wappler on a deep research topic about bi-direction language and compiler support, so Wappler can extend its native language and frameworks support to a ground breaking areas. In his spare time he is compiling Linux kernels, playing chess and talking strange language with Patrick :slight_smile:

So as you can see - great fun here in the Dutch office.

You will be seeing the new team members more often here in our community don’t hesitate to say hi :slight_smile: @wappler_ambassadors


Great to see you join a wonderful team @Romy and @dre97


Long time coming. Glad to see the team expanding. :smile:


Welcome guys! Really glad to see the team expand!

You even got a Wappler Pro license as welcome pack!

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My company gave me a mug. I would gladly change it for a perpetual Wappler Pro license 100 out of 10 times.


I guess I got lucky :D. Although a Wappler mug would be cool to have too…


And Romy joined the firm a whole two weeks earlier.

Both, welcome to the fold.


True dat! @george?

Welcome @Romy and @dre97. Looking forward to all the exciting new things you can bring to the already amazing team :slight_smile:

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Yup I saw that some time ago on linkedin. I know someone who knows someone who knows Romy. Dré was sneakier!


Well now with the new branding, we will be definitely doing a lot of swag as well! So mocks and t-shirts are coming up! Romy will be setting up a whole branding swag line :slight_smile:


Welcome @dre97 and @Romy. Mega pleased to see the team expand and very excited at the future. :partying_face:

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Hi everyone! So nice to see this warm welcome in the community! :slight_smile::tada:


Welcome @Romy and @dre97, what super exciting news to see the Wappler team expand, I can hardly imagine what you guys are going to do next, its already the best product I have ever used, so making it even better will be amazing.
I will pre-apologise for my super long messages, hahaha.

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Welcome to the new members of the family :beers: :beers: :beers: :handshake: :handshake: :handshake:

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I am happy that Wappler team is growing and developing. I wish @Romy and @dre97 professional and creative success in Wappler team and look forward to the new horizons Wappler founds. :tada:

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Welcome aboard @Romy and @dre97! I hope you had a great start :laughing:

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Congrats to the team on growing and on the exciting new release of Wappler 5!

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Congrats @Romy and @dre97 for joining the Wappler Team. These are exciting times indeed.

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@Romy @dre97 Congrats on joining the team :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Welcome to Wappler team and the community @Romy and @dre97!!

Btw @Romy don’t be fooled by @Teodor he doesn’t really listen metal but Dutch pop music so beware… please don’t tell me guys he made you memorize the lyrics to that "piece of art " so you could join the Wappler team :grimacing:

It’s been over a year and I still have nightmares about that video, damn u Teo!